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Become truly fluent in English
Look up and learn everything in English
Expand your vocab size
Speak Engish fluently after 200 hours of practice
Sync devices - learn anytime, anywhere
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Look up everything in English
Read English newspapers, PDF documents or watch videos on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Coursera, and Udemy; understand the content easily with bilingual subtitles. Get all informaion of words with 1-click (collocation, synonym, word root...)
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Enrich unlimited words and memorize them forever
Feel free to save words, and sentences on Netflix, YouTube, Coursera, Udemy... to review words every day with a myriad of games and track your word proficiency thanks to the Spaced Repetition Algorithms
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Fluent in English with STEP-BY-STEP COURSES
Practice listening, speaking and learn common phrases used by native speakers with short, fun and practical videos. Apply right away what you've learned with AT chat.
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Be limited in watching videos with dual subtitles on YouTube, Netflix, Coursera, Udemy...
Unlock 3 units per step-by-step courses*
Unlock 1 video/day
Save 20 words
Review vocabulary once a day
6 Basic games
Connect 5 YouTube videos
New lessons and videos every week
Watch bilingual videos on Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Coursera, Udemy, Tedtalk...
Prioritize learning support
Unlock +60,000 videos
Save unlimited words
Review unlimited words with PRO Games
6 Basic and 5 Pro games
Connect any YouTube videos
New videos and lessons every week
Prioritize learning support
*Learn on our brand-new English learning app - eJOY EPIC, which best suits beginner and intermediate learners.
Learn unlimited on all eJOY platforms
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Never get bored of learning English
eJOY doesn't teach you the textbook language. eJOY brings you closer to the real life English content from Netflix, YouTube, Udemy, CNN, and more. As long as you are still interested in the English world, eJOY is still there as your learning partner.
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Sync your data across devices
Your vocabulary data and experience points would be synced across devices and apps. Wherever you are, whatever devices you use, you can always get access to your learning data.
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Priority Support
We offer a multi-channel support service. You can connect with us via chat box on website, email, fanpage, and community on website. Our response time is typically within a working day for Pro users.
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About eJOY
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eJOY was founded in 2019 when one of our co-founders found it painful for him to learn English. He wished it to be fun and inspiring so he could learn English effortlessly and effectively.
eJOY was awarded 1st prize in STARTUP VIET 2022 and 3rd prize in Techfest Startup contest 2019.
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1,000,000 learners around the world are immersed in English with eJOY. You don't want to be left out, do you?