Add Phonetic Transcription to English Subtitles


eJOY eXtension allows you to display the phonetic transcription of your target language subtitles on the movie player while watching movies on Netflix.

To access this feature, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the setting icon (1) and choose Phonetic transcription on the setting popup

Step 2: At the phonetic transcription tab, next to “Show phonetic transcription”, choose IPA in the dropdown box (2) if you’d like English phonetic transcription to be displayed. If you’d like otherwise, choose None.

  • Font size: choose a font size for phonetic transcription (3)
  • Format: choose a font format for phonetic transcription (4)

Phonetic Translation

Step 3: Watch the movie with the phonetic transcription alongside your target language subtitles.

Phonetic translation