Bookmark Netflix Subtitles


While watching a film on Netflix, you can bookmark any subtitles of your choice. With all the bookmarked subtitles, you can export them as a PDF to review later. Bookmarks can be very helpful when you need to find specific points in a video or audio clip quickly for further learning purposes.

Here’s how to do that:

Step 1: Hover the mouse over the subtitle you’d like to bookmark and click the star icon (1) or press Alt+A to bookmark it

Bookmark subtitles

Step 2: Click (6) to show the full subtitle sidebar

Full subtitles

Step 3: On the sidebar, there are two sections. One is the full transcripts displayed vertically, the other is the list of bookmarked subtitles. To view the list of bookmarked subtitles, click on Bookmarks (2). You can look up any meaning of words just by clicking on them.

Step 4: Hover the mouse over the subtitles and click the icon play (4) to jump to the position where the selected subtitle is shown. The subtitle in your native language will be displayed if you hover the mouse over the icon play (3).

Full subtitles


  • Click the bookmark icon (5) to delete a bookmark.
  • Click the print icon (7) to print your bookmarked subtitles.

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