With the purpose of appreciating eJOY’s supporters, eJOY offers free Epic accounts for all our current paid users.
Duration: 25/08 – 30/09

Register Epic Pro

1. Subject

All eJOY’s current paid users who have valid premium accounts when registering appreciation program

2. Offer

Epic premium account with the same remained duration of your eJOY.

For example: If you bought eJOY premium account for 12 months on 25.07.2022. On 24.08.2022, you registered for eJOY’s appreciation program. You will freely get an Epic premium account with an 11-month duration.

3. How to register

Please fill in this form After 24 working hours, the premium code will be sent to your registered email.

Fill in this form

4. Duration

From Aug 25th to Sep 30th. Please contact us if you have any questions

eJOY team


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