eJOY eXtension ver6 Now Enhanced with Phonetic Transcription Subtitles

It’s been a week since our biggest update of the year 2020 on eJOY extension version 6. We hope that you are now having more fun learning English on any video sites you like. And today I’m so thrilled to tell you that there’s more update to the version 6 that I’m sure you would love it. Let’s check it out.

Phonetic Transcription Subtitles

The phonetic transcription is now available on Netflix, Youtube, Prime TV, Coursera, and other video sites supported fully by eJOY. Here’s how to turn it on.

phonetic settings YT
phonetic settings

And then you’ll see the phonetic transcriptions in green.

phonetic transcription
phonetic transcription

Integrate eJOY on Masterclass

If you want to look up on Masterclass, please copy this Element class: vjs-text-track-display >div >div and import the website’s settings as below. Read this instruction for full details about how to integrate eJOY extension on a video streaming sites.

Masterclass integration
Masterclass integration

Mouse over to lookup on integrated video sites

With eJOY extension 6, you can integrate eJOY on any video sites you want. Sound awesome? We know it. We have received a lot of feedback from you that you can now learn with ease on Coursera, Udemy, Future Learn, Edx, Linda, you name it.

Many of you expected to get the dictionary popup by mouse over instead of pressing 2 keys [<,] & [>.]. Since you ask for it, we have worked through days and nights to make it available. And today why don’t you open your integrated video sites and check it out.

Lynda popup
Lynda popup

You may ask, is there anything else for the year 2020 since the year end is coming? I can only say that we still have many more promising features ahead, such as Reader view, Uploading PDF to lookup with ease. And it takes time to make it work properly without interrupting your existing experience. Don’t forget to rate us on Chrome store if you want us to grow strong.

If you missed some features updated through out the year, don’t worry, let’s wait for our 2020 wrap-up where we will list all the important updates of the year. For now, if you haven’t installed eJOY extension yet, download it for FREE now.

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