How to change subtitles settings on videos with eJOY extension

EJOY eXtension helps you learn your favorite languages efficiently while watching movies and binging videos on YouTube, Netflix, and other popular video streaming platforms. From the version eJOY 6.0.0, you will see new features on video sites like Netflix or YouTube.

In eJOY video feature menu, you will see 4 sections:

  • Upper subtitles: the main subtitles – should be in the language you’re currently learning
  • Lower subtitles: the second subtitles – should be in your native language
  • Quick Translation: settings for automatic translation that appears on top of any word you hover over in the subtitle. You can also allow eJOY to show automatic translation of the whole video. If you prefer to look up words meaning as well as definition, example, or synonym, see the standard way to look up here.
  • Phonetic: settings for the phonetics displayed on top of the subtitles.

STEP 1: To access settings menu on a video, click the GlotDojo icon on the bottom right of the video.

STEP 2: For each section, you can:

  • Turn on / off (3)
  • Blur [cover] subtitles (4) (you press Alt + 9 for the subtitle.
  • Choose a language for your main subtitles (5)
  • Choose the format of the subtitles (6)
  • Preview the subtitles (7)

Enjoy learning!



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