How to use Phonetic Transcription - Convert text into international phonetic form


Phonetic Transcription is a free tool developed by eJOY. The tool helps users to easily convert a long text to phonetic form with just 1 click. With Phonetic Transcription, you can practice your pronunciation more quickly and effectively.


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1. Features and benefits

Phonetic Transcription helps English learners look up the phonetic form of a long text without having to look up the dictionary word by word. This greatly shortens the time for manual word searches. As a result, users can practice pronunciation easily before their speech, big presentation and anything in that nature. In addition, with the feature: Speaker – read texts in different English accents (British, American, Indian, Scottish,…), users can diversify and improve their listening ability, and at the same time improve speaking ability (pronunciation, intonation, stress, fluency) through Shadowing method (imitate native speaker way of talking). Moreover, users can use a feature integrated in the tool to hide or unhide the paragraph and at the same time, keep the phonetic part (Showing all phonetic Transcription) as a spelling test platform based on pronunciation, thereby memorizing the spelling of words more thoroughly.

Phonetic Transcription is a simple, easy to use tool. We hope it will  become a helpful assistant, assisting you in your English learning journey.

2. How to use Phonetic Transcription 

Step 1: Visit our website 

Go to Phonetics Transcription – free and easy to use ( website

Step 2: Enter text

2.1: You can enter it manually or paste the text in the box. 

2.2: With documents stored in personal computers, please click the Upload file (.txt) option, then select the file you need to convert (note: the file needs to be in the .txt format).


Step 3: Convert

After entering the text, press the button Show phonetics to convert, The bottom of the tool page will show text in its phonetic form.

3. More feature buttons


  • Clear text: Clear the text entered in the text box


  • Line by line with English text / Phonetics only: Hide or unhide the normal text
  • Speaker: Click the downward arrow to select the accent 
  • Loudspeaker and pull bar: Tap the speaker to start reading the text. Drag the bar to increase or decrease the reading speed.
  • Show all phonetic Transcriptions: Enable to show phonetics of all words in the text. If off, it will only show the phonetic transcription of selected words (select by clicking the words).





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