• Phan Nguyen Anh Duc
  • 18 years old
  • Freshman at Funix University
  • My previous English learning method: learning English grammar at school
  • My current English learning method: learning English with videos on eJOY
  • eJOY’s products I use: eJOY eXtension, eJOY Go.
  • English skills that eJOY helps me develop: listening, vocabulary

My English learning journey

I started to learn English when I was in primary school. However, my English was very bad. The English language has always been one of my weakest points, even though I have learned English for over 10 years. I got 3.5/10 points for my English in the high school graduation exam, which was not a surprise. Back then, I couldn’t speak properly a word of English. I always said to myself that I just wasn’t talented at learning English. Well, the truth is I always thought English was boring. Saying goodbye to high school means I’ll also say goodbye to the English subject. Thinking about this makes me happy. However, the happiness ended soon after my first year at university. My major is Information Technology, and English is the key to help me keep up with my studies. I need to read a lot of English documents and materials. And of course, being fluent in English tech terms is a must. I knew from that moment that I had to take English seriously. A few months ago, while I was struggling to find the right method to learn English, some of my friends told me to give eJOY a try. Honestly, I fell in love with eJOY at first sight because eJOY suggests a very new and fun way to learn English. I just need to learn English with videos and games. No more boring grammar rules, no more textbooks. eJOY helps me learn English in a natural way. It even tracks my learning progress and reminds me when it’s time to review vocabulary based on the spaced repetition method. I have to admit that I’m a tech person who is very lazy writing things down or reading textbooks. Therefore, eJOY truly saves my life. 

Every day I spend around 2 hours learning English with eJOY. I never skip a streak even though I’m still very busy with my studies at university. This is how I learn English on eJOY:

 Step 1: I choose a video on eJOY GO that I’m interested in (like Technology, music, movie scenes…). I often choose ones which are short (no more than 5 minutes) because they’re suitable for my level – Beginner

Step 2: Watch the video. I start off by watching the video without the subtitles to guess the main idea of the video and then I watch it again with the subtitles on. If I see a new word, I click on it and look it up. eJOY also allows me to save those words to review later. 

Step 3: I practice transcribing and speaking games. eJOY will show me all the mistakes that I made so that I know which areas to improve.  On the first days, my speaking score was always around 20% but now it is often 60% or more. This is awesome!

Step 4: Review vocabulary on eJOY eXtension. Games on eJOY extension help me to practice all the words that I saved before with video contexts. This is a good way to remember vocabulary better.

How has my English improved after learning English on eJOY

After 1 month of learning English on eJOY, my listening skills have improved very much. Now I can understand around 50% of the beginner level video content. Before that, my listening was zero. I now can make sentences in English and speak them out loud more confidently. I know I’m still very far from speaking English fluently with foreigners, but I’ll try my best to improve my English each and every day. What makes me happy the most is my professional vocabulary. Now I know the meanings of a large number of tech terms without using a dictionary. Thank you eJOY for developing those amazing products. 



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