How To Customize The Appearance Of Subtitles On Netflix


There are 2 main subtitles that can be displayed at once while watching movies

  • Top subtitle: The subtitles in your target language
  • Bottom subtitle: The subtitles in your translation language

In some movies, you will also see Phonetic Transcription and Quick Lookup alongside those above subtitles.

To customize the display of subtitles, Phonetic Transcription or Quick Lookup, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click the setting icon and click on any tab (Top Subtitle, Bottom Subtitle, Phonetic Transcription, Quick Lookup)

Settings subtitles

Step 2: Now you can

  • Enable/disable subtitles (2) by clicking on the checkbox on the right
  • Blur/ Unblur subtitles (3) by clicking on the checkbox on the right – or you can use keyboard shortcut Alt+8
  • Choose subtitles’ font size (4)
  • Choose subtitles’ font color (5)
  • Preview Sub (6) to preview how the subtitles are displayed after your settings.

Step 3: Click anywhere outside the popup window to close the settings and start watching the movie.


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