How To Learn English Through Music With eJOY


I. How to learn English with music 

1. Choose an English song

Aim: Choose the most suitable English song to learn effectively.

eJOY has more than 1000 popular English songs and continually updates the latest hits.

If you have no idea what the most suitable song to learn is, I have some clues for you:

  • That’s your favorite song. You can’t learn anything if you don’t like it, right?
  • Your already-known songs. You are already familiar with their melody to start learning with them right away.

2. Learn from the lyrics

Aim: Understand the meaning of the song

Play the music video on eJOY App and understand the lyrics
Pause the video if you need to look up any new words or phrases.

With the dictionary of eJOY English, you can:

  • Check many English definitions of a word (by swiping right to left).
  • Translate to your native language
  • Get translated via Google Translate by tapping on the “Magnifying glass” icon.
  • eJOY will translate a sentence if you select all words of this sentence by holding and dragging on the subtitles.
  • Add new words/ phrases you want to learn to your Word Bank for later practice and revision.

3. Practice & Revision

Aim: Understand the main content of the song and sing along

After adding 3 new words you can go to the Game section and choose a game.

To practice the listening skill

  • Multiple choices: Listen to sentence and choose the missing word

  • Fill in the Blank: Listen and type the word you hear

To practice the Speaking skill

  • Speaking game

Listen to the original sentences and repeat what you hear. eJOY will record your speaking and compare to original sentences. See the assessment and tap ‘Compare‘ to find out your mistakes (if any).

  • Let’s sing along!

This is the most important part of learning English through songs and music. After having acquired appropriate vocabulary and pronunciation techniques and partly practiced them with games, it’s time to do a complete practice/ revision.
You can pause the video whenever you want to check the lyrics part that you don’t remember.
The main purpose of singing along the song is to practice your pronunciation skills and to help you memorize new words better. So it doesn’t matter whether you remember the whole lyrics or not. Just relaxed and feel the beat.

4. Apply what you have learned into real context

a. Use what you have learned 

  • Practicing speaking with friends
  • Writing about your experiences, and feelings about what you have learned on social networking sites, online forum, etc.

  • For those who are kind of introverted, write those in your study diary (remember to use English only)

b. Deep into English songs 

eJOY English has a play-music feature in off-screen mode. It will save your mobile phone power. You can upgrade to Premium to download and listen to music everywhere with eJOY.

II. List of 7 songs for Beginners 

Please access this video course about English songs for Beginners to practice all these steps above. These songs have slow melody and clear pronunciation with a repeated-simple subtitle which will help Beginners easier to start.