Indicators to Track Your Learning Progress


You can easily track your learning progress at the Performance screen.

Performance screen

These are some statistics to track:

1. General learning status

  • Streak – a measure of how consistently you use eJOY. A streak starts at zero and increases by one for each day the user meets their daily XP goal. It resets to zero when the goal is missed.
  • Mastered – Total words that you have already mastered
  • Words – Total saved words
  • Current Streak – Total days up to now that you complete Daily Goal continuously
  • Longest Streak – The highest streak that you have ever hit

General learning status

2. Goal Check – to track your daily target 

For example, if your Daily Goal is 6.000XP which meant that you have to add at least 3 new words and watch 2 videos, as well as play 5 games to complete your goal that day.  

  • Weekly Status – to track your weekly progress

Green circles are the days that you complete your daily goal 

 Goal Check 

3. New Word Journey – a graph to show you how many new words added per day

  • Total Words Added – total new words saved that week
  • Words Mastered – total words that you mastered that week

New Word Journey