• Name: Minh Chau 
  • Age: 19 years old
  • University: Second year at Water Resources University 
  • English method before: study grammar, join an English course in English centers, watch movies with English subtitles
  • English method now: learn English via favorite movies and videos with eJOY English
  • Use eJOY’s product: eJOY English App, eJOY eXtension, website eJOY Go, website eJOY EPIC
  • English skills improve when studying with eJOY English: speaking, listening, reading, vocabulary.

I remember when I was in high school, my older sister used to tell me about how great it is to travel and live abroad, to experience new cultures and to meet new people from all over the world. However, I need to speak English well enough to travel. My English was terrible and I never felt confident talking to other people in English. At high school, I  studied grammar and a long list of vocabulary but grammar and vocabulary couldn’t help me communicate with other people. When I was a first-year student in university, I thought I had to change the way I study English.

How did I  know eJOY English?

One day, I read somewhere on the internet that I could learn English by myself for free with online learning tools. They said a lot of people were able to speak their target language just by learning it on mobile apps. I was very curious and tried downloading different English learning tools to my phone and my laptop just to find one which suits me the most. By accident, I’ve found eJOY English.

How has eJOY English improved my English?

Learning English with eJOY is so much fun. I can both watch my favorite tv shows and learn English effectively at the same time. eJOY makes everything become easy and simple. I don’t have to write down any word to my notebook anymore. I don’t have to waste my time looking up a word in dictionaries, either. With eJOY, everything is just a few clicks away. 

My English skills improve much more. I overcome my fear of speaking English. I communicated confidently with foreigners when I traveled to Thailand. I can give directions if foreigners ask me for directions in Vietnam.

How do I study on eJOY English?

eJOY has different products to help me learn English effectively such as eJOY app, ejoy go, eJOY extension, eJOY edict,… My most favorite ones are eJOY Go and eJOY eXtension because I prefer to use my laptop to learn English. 

So here is how I learn English with eJOY every day:

In the morning, I often spend about 20 minutes watching 1 or 2 videos on eJOY GO. I quickly look up meanings of any word or phrase and save them for further practice. I also find Game Speak very useful. So if I have more time, I will practice speaking for a bit. Just record my voice and I’ll know which part of the sentence is pronounced right and which is wrong

At night, before going to bed, I usually spend 30-45 minutes reviewing my vocabulary. Open eJOY eXtension, select the wordbook that I want to review and start playing games. eJOY’s games are so much fun. And more importantly, they help me remember words longer.

I love the TV Series Friends so much so on weekends, I often watch a few episodes on eJOY GO. I also try to mimic the way the characters speak. 

This is my English learning journey. It’s quite difficult and hard, but I think learning English is not as hard as you think. If you find the right method, you’ll get it. I really like the quote: “With languages, you are at home anywhere