In light of our exceptional progress over the past 3 years with 5 products into the market and over 1 million users worldwide, from whom we receive a great deal of positive comments along with heartful constructive feedback, eJOY has grown up significantly and been able to identify its mission: to constantly innovate the way we learn and grow. But it is not solely a mission, we are embarking on a life-long journey to prove our commitment to it, and the first step we’re taking is to create Epic English.

Epic English is born to serve many eJOY’s English learners who express their learning struggles and needs through our conversations with them. They desire an English course that is suitable for their own level and purposes, not a “one size fits all” solution, but one that fits their own learning style and allows them to learn in their own way. In order to fulfill these compelling needs of our users, we develop Epic English App – an ed-tech solution that is based on cutting-edge technology, academic research and a wealth of product development experience.

Epic English


In Epic English, you can learn English via three sources of authentic content: courses, videos and news articles.

1️⃣ Courses: Our courses are designed on authentic content from TV shows, movies, academic lectures or industry-specific video courses. Lessons are packed with games and activities that will help you develop your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and English skills right from the authentic content.

2️⃣ Videos: Our courses act like a step-by-step guide for you to learn English from a short video, which you can apply to any other video of your interest. Use the 5-step guide to practice listening skills, vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation effectively, all thanks to the support from our improved subtitles (now with phonetic transcriptions added).

Epic video

3️⃣ News articles: Instead of reading news on your computer’s web browser, you can now conveniently read on your phone while looking up and saving new words on Epic English. All these words will be added to a wordbook, which you can review later. 

EpicApart from providing personalized learning content, Epic English is full of special features that create intriguing learning experiences for our learners.

  • Multiple vocabulary games: New games such as Flashcard Listening would allow “lazy” learners to maintain their learning habits without giving too much effort, or games integrated into videos.
  • Learn to earn: By completing certain required tasks such as maintaining daily streaks or going up a level, you are rewarded with coins to unlock more features of the app, which can bring you “aha moments”.
  • Streak freeze: This is probably what eJOY learners have been craving for. Losing your streak is no longer a nightmare because you can now equip your account with Streak freeze to protect your streak when you accidentally skip learning one day.\

Such an ed-tech product like Epic English App would fail to deliver its values without the support of you, our users and English learners out there. We hope that through our introduction, you are fascinated and curious enough to get the app, spare some of your time to try it out and send us your valuable feedback and suggestions so that we can continue to enhance our product.

Thank you for reading!

eJOY Team.