• Name: Nguyen Manh Tung
  • Age: 25 years old
  • University: A graduate of Hanoi University of Mining and Geology
  • Previous English learning method: study grammar, watch Tvshow, film. At that time, I don’t study vocabularies
  • Current English learning method: learn English vocabulary with eJOY, read the magazine, watch youtube videos, tedtalks.
  • eJOY’s products used:  eJOY eXtension, website eJOY Go, website eJOY EPIC
  • English skills improved after studying with eJOY English: IELTS 3.5=> 5.5. I can read magazines fluently. My pronunciation and listening skills are enhanced.
  • My objective: Master 5000 words when using eJOY. By the way, I think I am almost halfway toward my goal!

As you know, English is an international language, and most young people are learning this language with the hope of being able to communicate with people from all over the world. And I’m not an exception.

How did I know eJOY English?

I used to have to struggle with my English. Trust me. I have known how difficult it is. Having a “goldfish brain” means I’m likely to forget most of the words I’ve already learned. I easily get confused with a huge amount of vocabulary. To be honest, I used to have no confidence in speaking English with foreigners. How embarrassing!

In the process of learning English, I realized that Pronunciation and Vocabulary are the most important keys if you want to communicate with English native speakers effectively. I know that but I don’t know how to learn vocabulary to remember them permanently.

However, it has changed completely since I started learning English with eJOY in January 2019, from approximately 100 words, recently I saved over 3000 English essential words (Sources: Destination B1, magazine, Youtube, Barrons Essential Words for The IELTS book, High-Frequency word…) to learn.

How has eJOY English helped me to improve my English?

The best thing about eJOY (I reckon) I’m crazy about is I can collect tons of words to learn by heart after that.

Following that, I had a long-term memory about the load of new vocabulary because I practice regularly with eJOY eXtension. Thereby, I have remembered most of the vocabularies along with exactly the meaning and the pronunciation. The astonishing thing is after 8 months of learning English with eJOY, I can read English comic books, mangas, and magazines easily and no longer feel shy when communicating with foreigners. eJOY truly helps me to learn English better. Besides, I strongly believe that: “Accumulation in quantity leads to a change in substance”. Set your goals to learn by heart 1000, 2000, 3000… words. When you achieved that goal, you will see the difference in yourself. I assure you.

How do I learn English with eJOY?

First, when I embarked on this journey, I asked myself the question: “how to pronounce English accurately?”. The answer is “Pronunciation Workshop” by Paul Gruber. You can download this course from the internet, or contact me (highly recommended). Apart from reading English magazines and books, I learn more vocabulary and have a thorough understanding of grammar by spending time practicing and revising vocabulary that I saved using eJOY eXtension. I applied 5 rules every expert linguistics advised into my learning to remember vocabulary easily:

  1.  Put the word into a context, a coherent sentence.
  2.  Learn with synonymous, antonym of those words
  3. Learn pronunciation along with eJoy (mimic, imitate) and attach the word with image
  4. Use measure “Spaced Repetition” to learn Vocabulary to have long-term memory
  5.  Divide the words into different categories: such as Habit, Family, Sport, Education…

Some reading resources that you may find useful:

Facebook Page: Funny & Hilarious

Facebook Page: Learning English



Youtube Channel

In short, learning English is a long process, but it will be easier if we find the right and effective ways to learn it. This is a true feeling of me about eJOY. Hope you enjoy your day!


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