Practice Active Listening On Netflix


Active listening (Auto-pause listening) will focus on helping you improve your listening skills in an effective way. Active listening is a combination of comprehension listening and bottom-up listening (listening for details or focused). This means you will need to pay attention to the actors speaking each dialogue. The movie will be automatically paused after each dialogue. The subtitles for the dialogue can be shown at the same time or after the actor speaks, depending on your preferences.

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Here’s how to practice active listening on Netflix:

Step 1: Click the setting icon (1) and scroll down to the Other Settings; then click Auto-pause mode (2). If you want the subtitles to display later, choose Delay Subtitles (3). You can choose the delay time of the subtitle at the selection box next to Show subtitle after (4)

If you want the movie’s subtitles to be paused while the mouse is hovering over subtitles then check the box next to Pause on Mouse hover over subtitles (5)

Auto Pause

Step 2: Listen to each dialogue carefully and repeat the dialogue when the video is paused. You can repeat as many times as you like. Try to imitate the way the actor speaks.

Step 3: Check your results when the subtitles are displayed (if you choose “Delay Subtitle“)

Step 4: Press Space (6) to move the next subtitle

Auto pause

Note: You can click the icon Auto-pause (7) to turn off the Auto-pause mode.