Using Keyboard Shortcuts On Netflix


With eJOY eXtension, you can use keyboard shortcuts while watching movies on Netflix. These keyboard shortcuts are great time-savers that will definitely help you to learn English with movies much more efficiently.

Here is the list of Keyboard Shortcuts on Netflix.

Essentials keyboard shortcuts 

Phím tắt

            1. Q/Space: Play/Pause the movie
            2. C: On/Off the subtitle control bar
            3. F: On/Off the full-screen mode
            4. M: Mute/ unmute the movie
            5. A: Return to the previous subtitle
            6. D: Jump to the next subtitle
            7. <-: Seek backward 10s
            8. ->: Seek forward 10s
            9. Arrow Up: Turn the volume up
            10. Arrow Down: Turn the volume down
            11.  V: On/Off part of speech
            12.  I: On/Of auto pronouncing

Keyboard shortcuts for subtitles

Phím tắt phụ đề

            1. L: Subtitle over/below the screen
            2. K: Show/ Hide full subtitles
            3. O: Open dictionary popup
            4. W: Quick view a blurred subtitle on top
            5. T: Quick view a blurred subtitle at the bottom
            6. >: Select word from the left
            7. <: Select word from the right
            8. N: Quick view blurred subtitles on top and at the bottom
            9. Alt+9: On/Off blur top subtitles
            10. Alt+8: On/Off blur bottom subtitles
            11. Alt+T: Translate subtitle
            12. Alt+A: Save/Remove a bookmark
            13. Alt+C: Copy subtitle to clipboard
            14. Shift+T: Add to the phrasebook

Listening keyboard shortcuts 

phím tắt với tính năng luyện nghe

          1. S/B: Repeat one subtitle
          2. P: On/Off Auto-pause mode
          3. 1: Speed up 0.1x
          4. 2: Slow down 0.1x
          5. R: Watch the movie at preferred speed