• Tran Viet Hoang
  • 18 years old
  • Freshman at Fullbright
  • Previous English learning method: studying English at school, focusing on Grammar and Vocabulary  
  • Current English learning method: learning English through videos
  • eJOY’s products used: eJOY Go, eJOY App, eJOY Club
  • Improved skills after learning English with eJOY: Listening, Speaking, Vocabulary

I used to only learn English grammar and vocabulary

I’m always a hard-working student. I never hate English. On the contrary, I quite like this subject. However, back to those days, all what I was taught at school was grammar and vocabulary. You know, things like passive voice, relative clauses, reported speech, etc… The funny thing is I was always good at English grammar. However, my English communication skills were very bad. I never had the confidence to speak English. I couldn’t join any English conversations. My speaking was bad, and so was my listening. I used to think my English vocabulary was never a problem until I had to put them in use. Because, even I know the meanings of those words, I never learned how to use them in real life conversations. That’s why my writing and speaking always sounded very unnatural and dull.

Fast forward to last year, I got a full scholarship from The University of Fullbright. I was very exciting. However, the moments of joy soon ended when I got to know that English is one of the essential skills that I need to be able to keep up with my studies at this university. Most of the subjects will be taught in English and I have no choice but try my best to be fluent in this language, not just grammar but the other English skills also. I had one year to prepare for this new journey.

How did I know about eJOY?

Last year, when I was a member of …., I had the chance to join a public talk held by eJOY. Thanks to the talk, I started to learn more about eJOY and knew that the eJOY team developed products that helped me to learn English effectively through videos. I downloaded the eJOY app to my phone and learned English every day. Learning English on eJOY was so joyful and relaxing that I was quite unsure whether or not this app could truly help me to learn English. However, after the first month using the app without skipping a day, I knew for sure it’s it. I’ve been using the app every day since then. Everyday I try a little bit harder than the day before. 

How have I learned English with eJOY?

I was lucky enough to get a seat in the BKHUP co-working space for a few months. During those months, I had put most of my time and effort into learning English. I got up early, got on the bus and headed to UP. I stayed there all day learning English. The environment at BKHUP is always quiet, helping me focus better on my study. One typical day of mine as an English learner was:

  • First, I choose a video that seems to be interesting and start to listening to its audio for a few times. When I’m stuck with any part of the video and need to turn on the subtitle, I use a sort of assistive technology to help me read the subtitle and look up new words. 
  • After listening to the video’s audio and having a general idea of the video, I re-listen intently to the audio for a few more times with a slower speed. 
  • Then I start to practicing speaking every dialogue line. With this step, I pay attention to how the speaker uses tone and stress in the speech and try my best to imitate them. 
  • Next step, I record my voice and upload the file to Soundcloud so that other people can review my speaking and give me feedback. If my speaking is still not ok, I’ll return to the previous step (which is speaking or shadowing) and then record my voice again. 
  • At night, I often play the video and listen to its audio passively. Sometimes, I listen to UK-US music just to relax without trying to understand the lyrics.
  • eJOY English club is held every Thursday. When I have some free time, I often join the club just to practice my English with other people. I’m now more confident than ever when speaking English. My English learning journey becomes a really joyful one.   

How has eJOY helped me with my English?

After 4 months using eJOY, my English communication skills and vocabulary have improved significantly. I still make mistakes when I speak English but I no longer feel shy speaking this language with other people, even with foreigners. I’m not a speaking machine anymore. My listening skills have improved a lot as well. I can understand most of the videos at the Intermediate level without turning on the subtitles. More importantly, I broke my bad habit of learning individual English words. Now I focus more on learning phrases or collocations with the real life context from videos on eJOY. By this way of learning, I am able to use English vocabulary more naturally and smoothly.



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