20 Must-Know English Phrases to Talk about Success

There are many English learners who use the same words and phrases repeatedly when they speak or write in the target language. And you might even be one of them. As we all know how boring your text or conversation will become if some certain words are used so often in different sentences. Let me ask you a question. What will you say when you’ve just achieved something in your project? You’d say “I’m successful in my project” like many other people? Well, if yes, then this post is right for you! In this post, you’ll learn 20 must-know English phrases about success that will help your writing and conversations become more pleasant to your audience.

1. Succeed in (V_ing)

Meaning: To achieve something that you have been trying to do or get.

For example:

  • They succeeded in finding a cure for cancer

2. Make a success of

Meaning: To be successful in something.

For example:

  • She’s determined to make a success of this project

3. Make it to the top

Meaning: To be very successful.

For example:

  • She is working very hard. I believe some day she will make it to the top!

4. To be going places

Meaning: If you say someone is going places, you mean they will be successful.

For example:

  • Jen is a talented person. Sooner or later, she’ll be going places.

5. Bear fruit

Meaning: If something that someone does bears fruit, it produces successful results.

For example:

  • I hope your new plans will bear fruit.

6. Come up roses

Meaning: If something is coming up roses, it is happening successfully.

For example:

  • I was worried a lot about the project, but eventually It’s coming up roses.

7. Every dog has its day

Meaning: This expression means that everyone can be successful at something at some time in their life.

For example:

  • It’s okay that you didn’t succeed this time. Every dog has its day.

8. (Reach) first base

Meaning: To have the first achievement or agreement that is needed for later success.

For example:

  • If you dress like that for your job interview, you won’t get to first base!

9. Come a long way

Meaning: To make significant progress.

For example:

  • Jemmy can play some songs now. He’s really come a long way from when he could barely know any chord.

10. Make a go of

Meaning: To make something succeed, especially a business or marriage.

For example:

  • They both want to make a go of their relationship.

11. Make or break

Meaning: To cause something to succeed or fail.

For example:

  • This project will make or break his career.

12. Move up in the world

Meaning: To become more wealthy, successful.

For example:

  • That new house show he is moving up in the world.

13. Get somewhere

Meaning: To make or begin making progress.

For example:

  • My study is such a mess. I don’t feel I’m getting anywhere.

14. Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Meaning: You have to take risks in order to achieve anything meaningful.

For example:

  • Come on, apply for the job! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

15. Place in the sun

Meaning: If you find a place in the sun, you’re in a position which provides you with everything you want.

For example:

  • He finally earned his place in the sun after winning the contest.

16. Riding high

Meaning: To be very successful.

For example:

  • He’s been riding high since the success of his last book.

17. Top dog

Meaning: To say that a person, group or country is top dog means that they are more successful or more powerful than others.

For example:

  • She’s top dog in cosmetics today.

18. Weather the storm

Meaning: If you weather the storm, you successfully deal with a very difficult problem.

For example:

  • Given the current recession, the company is weathering the storm better than most.

19. Have the world at your feet

Meaning: To be extremely successful and admired by a large number of people.

For example:

  • After all of his effort, He finally has the world at his feet.

20. Have the world by the tail

Meaning: To be very successful, contented, and happy in life.

For example:

  • Samantha landed her dream job after finishing at the top of her class in college. She has the world by the tail!

I hope you’ve learned some useful English phrases about success that help you sound like a native speaker. But remember to put these words in use as much as possible.

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