6 Reasons Why Learning English is Important

Why does everyone keep telling you that you should study English? Why learning English is important? Well, we all know that English has become the global language, which means that most of the countries in the world consider English as their second language. So why don’t we check out the post below to know more about benefits of learning English?

1. English gives you access to the knowledge of the world

English is the language of technology, especially high technology like computer science, genetics, and medicine. If you’re going to read documents related to those fields, you’ll probably have to read them in English. In other words, English is an essential tool to broaden and light up your outlook on the world. Without English, your access to the world of knowledge will be limited. As A French Proverb goes “You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you only live once”. Further, once you are fluent in English, you will have more opportunities to learn about other cultures through literature as it’s true that most of the popular foreign books are translated into English rather than other languages. And most of the information on the Internet is in English as well.

Learn English
You live a new life for every new language you speak (Photo by Will van Wingerden on Unsplash)

2. English gives you more opportunities to study in the best schools in the world

As we all know, most of the best schools are based in English-speaking countries such as Harvard, Oxford, Yale,… Moreover, since English is spoken in so many different countries, there is a wide range of schools around the world offering English courses. For those who are learning English as a second language, you will be given more opportunities to find a course that you’re interested in. In addition, being fluent in English will increase your chances of getting a scholarship. There are a lot of international organizations offering scholarships to international students and one of the requirements is English proficiency.

What if you say you don’t plan to learn anything? The following reason may answer why learning English is important to you.

why you should learn English
Most of best schools are based in English-speaking countries (Photo by Delfi de la Rua on Unsplash)

3. You can travel anywhere in the world easily with English

Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein is credited with saying that “the limits of your language are the limits of your world” which means that with the abilities of understanding and communicating in English, you can easily travel around the globe.
And of course, you will definitely feel safer and more confident knowing English if you don’t know the local language.
Not only will English help you get around but it will also make it easier for you to interact with other travelers or even with the locals while traveling. This can make your journey more of an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

travel the world
English allows you to get around a foreign city easily! (Photo by Redd Angelo on Unsplash)

4. English will open up better job opportunities for you

English brings a significant benefit to those who are working in an international or multinational organization. In addition to the fact that you’ll be able to communicate with foreign clients or business partners, your English abilities will also help you with climbing the career ladder. Also, if you are looking for a career in the medical sciences, computer science, and technology fields, learning English is a must.

job opportunities
English is the key to your career success (Photo by Paul Bence on Unsplash)

5. You can make new friends

English is spoken as a first or native language by approximately 400 million people around the world. Other than that, today English is regarded as one of the official languages in hundreds of countries around the world and an estimated 565 million people use it on the Internet. You can easily make a lot of new friends from different places around the globe if you know English! Making new friends will not only help you grow as a person but also inspire you to strive forward.

make new friends
Learn English and make friends around the world! (Photo by Phil Coffman on Unsplash)

6. You will exercise your brain

So now, even when you say no to all the 5 reasons above, you can not say no this one. Because it’s your health. Do you know that learning new languages will help you increase your memory and strengthen your brain’s natural ability to focus and process information?
According to research, people who speak more than one language fluently tend to have better memories and be more cognitively creative and mentally flexible than monolinguals. What is more, learning languages has also been shown to help prevent early-onset Alzheimer‘s disease and dementia.

Exercise your brain by learning English
Exercise your brain by learning English (Photo on karanbajaj.com)

So have you found your most convincing reason why English is important? Don’t make any excuse for not learning the language anymore. For those who are struggling with your English, let eJOY help you!

Still unsure about learning English? Whether you're motivated by career prospects, travel opportunities, or simply expanding your horizons, mastering English opens doors worldwide. At eJOY, we're committed to making your language journey seamless. Our eJOY Extension enhances your learning experience with features like dual subtitles for easy comprehension, instant word lookup, and more—all designed to accelerate your English proficiency. Embrace the language that connects the world. Start your journey with eJOY today!

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