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About us

  • eJOY is a learning ecosystem comprising different ed-tech products on different platforms (mobile apps, browser extensions and websites) that aim to provide language learners with a joyful language learning experience. 
  • Our flagship product is eJOY Extension – a productivity tool that integrates into websites (i.e. online newspapers, YouTube or Netflix). It allows learners to learn English with any source of authentic English content with helpful features such as vocabulary lookup and collection with auto-generated vocabulary games that are based on the spaced repetition algorithms. 
  • We are currently building the Epic English learning app that acts as a guide for learners, especially those at basic or intermediate levels of English. With content built on authentic but short and practical videos, we aim to help learners achieve their goals in learning English and stay motivated and increase learner autonomy.

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eJOY Learning Team

Job overview

As an Academic Content Producer, your main job is to produce English course content for eJOY’s language learning apps, most of which are based on authentic video materials.

Job Type

Part-time (On-site/ Remote/ Hybrid)

Office Address

UPGen Bach Khoa – 17 Tạ Quang Bửu, Bách Khoa, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội


  • To construct and develop English learning content (listening, reading, vocabulary and grammar exercises and tests) for mobile apps following the assigned syllabus
  • To ensure the quality of content follows the sets of guidelines for each course and deliver a smooth and joyful learning experience for users
  • To upload course content to app admin portal to publish
  • To watch and analyze videos on authentic sources to select as materials for course content
  • To edit/ organize/ synthesize/ video resources for course content upload on eJOY system
  • To collaborate with other members of the Academic Team to devise new concepts and ideas to improve eJOY’s products
  • To support cross-departmental assignments as requested


  • Good command of English (CEFR C1 Level)
  • Bachelor’s Degree English Language Teaching or English Linguistics, TESOL, etc. (preferred)
  • At least 1 year of experience in teaching or learning course designing/lesson planning for various English courses
  • Familiar with educational technology, including strong computer skills
  • Exceptional creativity and innovation
  • Good time management and organizational skills
  • A strong sense of responsibility and attention to details


  • Experience working in the ed-tech industry
  • Dynamic, fast-paced, fun, and exciting start-up work environment
  • Opportunities to learn and grow with talented colleagues 


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