Business Meeting - Intermediate - Speaking session 01


  • A job interview with a young interviewer
  • A business meeting with clients

List of suggested questions

  1. an appointment with someone?
  2. mind if I ask how old are you?
  3. aren’t you supposed to be wearing glasses…?
  4. you’re like … or smt?
  5. what area are you trained in technology?
  6. what are you proficient in?
  7. what does ABC stand for?

List of suggested vocabulary

Learn these vocabularies from Epic English app.

  1. Can I help you 
  2. supposed to 
  3. have an appointment with 
  4. you know 
  5. wearing an earth tone sweater
  6. be like sixty five 
  7. look like that 
  8. if you don’t mind 
  9. kinds of research skills
  10. trained in technology
  11. adept at 
  12. proficient in 
  13. 3 years of experience
  14. Stuff
  15. comb through
  16. so for that 
  17. stuff like that 
  18. valued customers
  19. Conservatively
  20. Deflecting
  21. incoming shots
  22. stays the same
  23. stands for
  24. Affordably
  25. mop 
  26. The new product line proved to be very lucrative.
  27. You’ll look elegant in that dress. 
  28. High return 
  29. We are capable of delivering the stock on time with the best quality. 
  30. If you agree, we can sign the contract today. 
  31. I’m supposed to have an appointment with Ms Ha from the Purchase Department. 
  32. We won the Best Design Award of the year 2022. 
  33. Why do you think it’s worth giving you the pay rise?
  34. Your reasons are not persuasive.
  35. I think the value I have brought is more than what the company paid me.
  36. My marketing campaign has grown our customer base by 30%.
  37. Our sales target is 10 million per month and I have exceeded the sales goal.
  38. I’d like to have my salary increased by 10%.
  39. You can pay for the property in advance. 
  40. I usually stay silent during the meeting.
  41. My team doesn’t directly contribute to the sales but our quality of service is the unique selling point of our company.
  42. It was a tough year for us.
  43. We have had the worst year in our history.
  44. I know for sure we’re gonna have a layoff. 
  45. My regional manager is very upset with our last year performance.
  46. Our EBITDA last year was negative.
  47. Last year we had a negative EBITDA.


  • Imperative 
  • passive voice – present 
  • either or 

The revenue either stays the same or goes up. 


  1. Ex pe rience 
  2. De ve lo per 
  3. Po si tion
  4. Ad mi ni stra tion 
  5. A ppoint ment
  6. A ffor da bly
  7. A  Database administrator with 3 year sof experience
  8. Con vince 
  9. March

More listening (auto-generated subs)


  • Listen to the following conversations,
  • Identify the new words and expressions that you want to learn 
  • Compose a business meeting based on the ideas from the video you like (you’ll do a role play based on this script)  
  1. Meetings: What Makes a Successful Negotiation? 0.38
  2. Business Negotiations – Business English For Negotiations 4.38 (4 conversations)
  3. Clarifying and Summarizing Points 0.52
  4. Making Offers and Proposals 0.56
  5. How to Negotiate in English – Business English Lesson 1.20 – 3.16
  6. Intolerable Cruelty (3/12) Movie CLIP – It’s a Negotiation (2003) HD 2.40 (Level B2)
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