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Hi Friends,

I know you are expecting to read a usual job description with Responsibilities, Requirements, and Benefits. As you scroll down the blog, you still find those details about our position. However, I’ve found that a form will not truly tell you who we are and whom we are looking for. Before diving into the job details, why not spend some time reading what comes from the bottom of our hearts below.

We, the eJOY team, have created such an amazing English solution to users from all over the world that we have received so many great compliments and reviews from them. Many enthusiastic learners also contribute great ideas to us with a hope that we can enhance eJOY better and better every day. And we do.

The more we improve, the more users know about us, talk to us and share with us their learning stories, their difficulties, or troubles. And it’s high time that we need a dedicated member to help our learners’ community learn how to use eJOY to solve their problems in a Joyful way.

That’s why the title “Customer Happiness” comes in our mind.

In order to deliver a WOW, a Joyful experience to our learners, we do our best to build up a WOW working environment first.

  • All the team members come to work as if we come to our second home. There’s always love, fun, and happiness in our workspace.
  • We together embrace everyday challenges. We look at troubles as our friends that help us become better. We have come to many dead ends and then we laugh at our mistakes, and we go back to the starting point TOGETHER.
  • We practice Yoga together, have lunch together, bake banana bread together. That’s how our home looks like.

Have you ever thought of being part of a team like that? If our story touches your heart, do not hesitate to email us. We have been looking for you for so long.

Customer Happiness Specialist Job Description

eJOY is a young and enthusiastic startup. We are developing Ed-tech solutions which help language studying become a joyful journey. We are currently looking for an Energetic Customer Happiness Specialist to join our Customer Happiness team and help us deliver the WOW experience to our learners.

eJOY English is a multi-platform English learning solution. It aims at providing English learning methods in a joyful way.

What you’ll do:

  • Provide excellent user support to our global users, through fast, upbeat, and genuine responses to inquiries and feedback.
  • Provide accurate answers and solutions to user queries in a patient manner with a desire to help English learners be successful
  • Collaborate with other team members to ensure overall user and product satisfaction
  • Work on Marketing Automation, Friendly Email Marketing, and Run our English learners’ community
  • Be motivated to meet or exceed key performance targets, both personally and as a team
  • Be an energetic eJOY Language Lover to our users and the team, with an in-depth understanding of anything eJOY-related

You’ll love this role if you are:

  • Empathetic: You can understand and share the feelings of others.
  • Excellent at English, both verbal and written
  • A problem solver: You know what to do first when dealing with a problem. You always find opportunity within a problem. You focus on finding the solution rather than proving that you are right.
  • A good communicator: You know how to truly listen to others and when to speak up.
  • Tech-savvy: You can quickly adapt to new tech and take great advantages of that.

What do we offer

  • Working with the latest and most cool technology available in the industry. We focus on cutting-edge tools/languages like React-Native, ES6, AI, machine learning.
  • Great environment, where we care about your development as well as we care about the work.
  • Work in a small Agile team
  • Make a real difference to real people
  • An opportunity to build products that have the potential to change the way people study completely
  • No-bullshit, data-driven and transparent environment
  • Ground floor opportunity; your voice and feedback will shape the direction
  • Well-equipped with workspace, computers, devices to work and research 24/24. Job location: The 3rd floor – Up Coworking Space, A17, Ta Quang Buu Street, Ha Noi
  • Salary: competitive
  • Healthy Lunch & Afternoon Tea-break for you to stay Fresh
  • Team building: discovery travel to natural beauty spots

How to apply

If interested, kindly send an email with a cover letter and your CV to [email protected] (The email subject should be as follows: YOUR FULL NAME Customer Happiness Specialist).

For further questions, feel free to contact us via the email mentioned above. Many thanks!

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