Do NOT Try Solo Backpacking, ever!

What is “solo backpacking” ?

Almost everyone loves travel, or at least, they think they do.
In Cambridge dictionary, backpacker is defined as a person who travels with a backpack. So it is just simply pack your everything up in one backpack, carry it on your shoulders, then go travel.

Image via Internet – Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

Nowadays, it seems like more and more people of all ages are hooked by this kind of traveling for its’ temptation. However, I feel like I am responsible to warn you about doing solo traveling since it might devastate your current life significantly. Therefore, I make this list of 67 reasons why solo backpacking should be avoided (from an introvert female’s perspective)

Check it out!

  1. It might be tough for those who used to the comfortable city life (at first)
  2. It is addictive (really!)
  3. You will be a traveller, not a tourist
  4. When you get back home, instead of carry you ID you will stick to your passport as a habit
  5. Sneakers and hiking shoes will be your best friends, not high heels or shining leather shoes
  6. You will have less time for dramas, movies and other stuffs on TV since you have more real-life hobbies
  7. You are no longer a materialism person (if you were)
  8. You will stop buying and start collecting
  9. You might drop your career and have less income, and the most scary thing is that you don’t even mind
  10. You have to learn how to organize everything you need just fit in your backpack
  11. You have to learn how to leave things behind
  12. You have to train yourself quite a lot to be able to carry your backpack everywhere
  13. You have to be able to run after trains/coaches carrying your backpack

    Travel and learning English
    Image via Internet – Navigate your direction

  14. You will gradually learn to live your life without any plan
  15. You have to navigate yourself from one to the other side of a totally new town
  16. You have to get used with seeing new people, falling in love with them then letting them go
  17. You have to be disconnected sometimes
  18. You will find yourself almost a stranger after solo backpacking for a while
  19. You might be called “weird” when you are back home again
  20. You will be bored after staying home for too long
  21. You will find yourself quickly adapt to new places
  22. You will start questioning about your existence after coming back for a while
  23. You will find yourself in situations that you’ve never thought you might be in
  24. You will be less demanding for money (trust me, you definitely will)
  25. You will learn at least a few survival dialogs in different languages (definitely you will know how to swear in foreign languages)
  26. Routine will be unbearable to you
  27. You will be less influenced by other people’s thoughts
  28. You will make new friends everywhere
  29. You will find yourself making weird decisions
  30. You will be able to sleep in any situation, at the airport, at the train station, on a bench, on a hammock, on a couch whatever
  31. You will find yourself out of your comfort zone
  32. You will find the list-of-things-you-can-not-live-without becomes shorter and shorter
  33. You will have extraordinary experiences
  34. You will be (too) open minded
  35. You will grow spontaneous love with nature
  36. You will feel less desire for luxury hotels, luxury flights, luxury things in general
  37. You will start reuse-recycling things and be annoyed if people back home don’t do that
  38. You will have too many stories to tell when people ask you to brighten them with only one
  39. You will be lonely sometime
  40. You will be so independent
  41. You will be more patient
  42. You will develop empathy, respect and understanding of treating people as you would like to be treated yourself
  43. You might be trouble sleeping on your own bed back home
  44. Your hair will grow spontaneously
  45. Your skin will be tanned
  46. Your cooking skill will be improved
  47. Your friends back home will be upset (in fact, you might lose some)
  48. Your boyfriend/girlfriend will be upset (your status might change)
  49. Your style might change, become more flexible more individual
  50. Your taste buds will definitely change
  51. Your pets back home might be given away
  52. Your parents will be upset
  53. Your parents will start to worry about your “maturity” based on your changing life decisions
  54. Your physical health will definitely improve
  55. Your ability to get into troubles will increase
  56. Your ability to solve problems will (also) increase
  57. Your ability of instantly knowing if a person is worth approaching or not will grow
  58. Your ability of reading a map will be surprisingly good

    Image via Internet – Beautiful landscape

  59. Your photos from now on will be about landscapes, life style, foods, animals, people… almost everything but not you
  60. You will never be tired of travelling too much
  61. Your definition of “success” might change
  62. Your definition of “happiness” might change
  63. Your definition of “love” might change
  64. Your definition of “home” might change
  65. Your perception of “distance” will change
  66. Your life purpose will change
  67. You will feel alive more than ever in your life

Actually, the list can be carried on and on but I will stop right here, and leave the decision making to you. In the end, it is you who know what life you want to live, to be a solo backpacker or not. In case these reasons are not strong enough to stop you from traveling, remember to arm yourself a good English skill to make your trip become enjoyable.

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