Guideline for Speaking Part 2: Giving advice

In IELTS Speaking part 2, you can be asked to “Describe an advice you gave to someone”. Below are some questions and guidelines for this Giving Advice topic in IELTS Speaking Part 2. Please prepare for it and fill in the check-in form to find your speaking partner this time.

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Speaking Part 2 Cue Card

Describe a piece of advice you gave someone

You should say:

  • When it happened
  • What the advice was about
  • Whom you offered the advice and why

And explain how you felt about it.


  • You have 1 minute to prepare and 2 minutes to speak.
  • Your answer should be in the form of a monologue. The questions above are made just to give you an idea of what you can talk about. You should not answer the questions separately like in Part 1.

Speaking Part 3

Below are some extended questions for IELTS Speaking Part 3 that are related to the “Giving Advice” topic. You will be given around 4 – 6 minutes for this part. If you’re not familiar with Part 3 yet, you can skip this part.

  • Why should we give advice?
  • What kind of advice should parents give children?
  • When should children listen to their friends’ advice?
  • Why do some people listen to advice from their friends rather than from an expert?
  • Are young people capable of giving good advice?
  • What is the problem with asking for advice from too many people at once?
  • What types of people give good advice and why do you think so?

Useful vocabulary for this topic

Offer an opinion: explain what one thinks about a situation

She offered an opinion on how I should have baked the cake.

Consult someone: ask someone for advice

Should I consult my family doctor?

Struggle with: have trouble with something

I helped her when she was struggling with Maths.

Lead someone astray: lead someone in a wrong direction

I’m afraid his friends led him astray. He has been smoking and skipping classes for months.

Empathetic: showing empathy; understand the needs and feelings of others

My mom always gives good advice because she’s a really empathetic and understanding person.

Implement the advice: act according to the advice

I never implemented my parents’ advice. That was my big mistake.

Empiric: someone who is guided by experiences instead of theory

Empirics are the best at giving practical advice.

Unoriented: feeling lost, uncertain; not having a set goal

I engaged in unoriented study and didn’t understand anything.

Suggested videos for this topic

You can find some useful vocabulary, grammar structures and learn different ways to express yourself by watching the videos we suggest below. Try using eJOY eXtension to look up right on the subtitles and save new words for further practice. If you don’t have eJOY eXtension, you can install eJOY eXtension right now for FREE!

Advice I’ll give to my young myself

Job security vs Freedom

Senior Citizens give life advice to Millenials

How to give advice in English

0-100 | Best Advice You’ve Received

Find your speaking partner for this topic

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