How I Have Learned English

My name is Hong. I was born into a very poor family. 5 years ago, I realized learning English could change my life but at that time, my English was very bad. I couldn’t communicate with native speakers. So I decided to study speaking English.

Upon the recommendation of my friend, I went to Mrs. Trang’s class. She introduced me to Effortless English method with 7 rules:

  1. Don’t  study grammar rules
  2. Listen, listen, listen
  3. Learn deep English with repetition
  4. How to learn English grammar
  5. Learn real English
  6. Listen to a mini-story and answer all questions relating to it.

How do I implement Effortless English?

I created my English environment by watching English channels only, switching to English on all devices. I listened to a mini-story 100 times in a week. Moreover, I wrote down what I heard  from that story 6 times. To improve pronunciation, I listened to a speech, repeated it, recorded my voice and compared to the original one.

Now, my pronunciation is much better. I can speak confidently with  foreigners  and understand  English lectures.


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