How to learn Coursera courses for free

Are you eager to expand your knowledge and skills without incurring any costs? Look no further than Coursera, a leading online learning platform that offers many courses from top universities and institutions. In this blog post, we will delve into two popular methods for accessing courses for free: “Audit the Course” and “Financial Aid”. We will compare these options and provide a step-by-step guide to maximize these opportunities.

Audit the Course

“Audit the Course” is a fantastic feature on Coursera that allows learners to access course content for free. Although you won’t receive a certificate upon completion, you can still benefit from the valuable course materials, including videos, quizzes, and assignments. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Browse the Coursera course catalog and choose the course you’re interested in.

coursera ejoy free audit mode

Usually, people will click on “Enroll for free”. If you click here, you will get a free 7-day trial of Coursera. However, if you want more comfortable learning time without spending money, scroll below.

Once you have seen the list of courses as shown on the screen, click on the name of the course you want to study. For example, here we will click on Course 2: Storytelling in Branding and Content Marketing.

Step 2: Audit the course

After clicking on the course, the screen will display as shown in the image below.

At this point, click on “Enroll for Free,” Coursera will give you two options: either a 7-day free trial followed by a payment, or “Audit the course.”

Click on “Audit the course”. Now, you can study the course on Coursera for free with unlimited time and access to all course materials!

Applying for Financial Aid

Coursera also allows learners to apply for Financial Aid, allowing individuals facing financial constraints to access courses for free or at a significantly reduced cost. Follow these steps to apply for Financial Aid:

Step 1: Choose a course with Financial Aid

Start by browsing through the diverse range of courses on Coursera. Select a course that aligns with your interests, career goals, or the field you want to explore further. Make sure that the course you choose offers financial aid support, as shown in the image below. Some courses also provide a 7-day free trial for you to try out.

Coursera financial aid

Once you have found the desired course, click on the “Financial aid available” link to go to the application page.

Step 2: Answer the questions to apply for financial aid

The financial aid application consists of a few simple questions that help Coursera assess your eligibility for financial support. Please answer these questions honestly and concisely, providing enough information to support your application. Here, eJOY provides you with a sample answer for reference.

Why do you need financial aid for this course?

I am applying for financial aid for this course because I come from a low-income background and currently face financial constraints that hinder my ability to pay for educational resources. Access to this course is crucial for my personal and professional development. By obtaining financial aid, I would have the opportunity to enhance my knowledge and skills in this subject area, significantly contributing to my career prospects. Financial aid would alleviate the financial burden, allowing me to focus on the course material and fully engage in the learning experience without worrying about the cost.

How will taking this course or specialization on Coursera benefit you?

Taking this course or specialization on Coursera would greatly benefit me in several ways. Firstly, it would provide valuable knowledge and skills directly applicable to my desired career path. These competencies would enhance my employability and open up new opportunities for professional growth. Secondly, participating in this course would allow me to expand my network by connecting with like-minded individuals and industry professionals. This networking opportunity can lead to collaborations, mentorship, and valuable insights from peers. Lastly, completing this course successfully would boost my confidence and self-esteem, empowering me to tackle new challenges and pursue further educational pursuits. Overall, this course on Coursera has the potential to impact my personal and professional development positively, and I am eager to seize this opportunity with financial aid assistance.

Would you consider using a low-interest loan to pay for your course? If you answered no, please help us understand the reason.

I would not consider using a low-interest loan to pay for this course. My decision is because I am currently facing financial constraints that make it difficult to take on any additional debt, even if it comes with a low-interest rate. As a responsible individual, I strive to manage my financial obligations wisely and avoid taking on unnecessary debt whenever possible. Given my current financial situation, I believe it would be more prudent to seek financial aid options that do not involve borrowing money, such as scholarships or grants, which align with my goal of accessing education without incurring debt. I appreciate the opportunity to apply for financial aid, as it allows individuals like me to pursue educational opportunities and improve our lives without the burden of additional loans.

Step 3: Submit your application and wait for approval

After completing the financial aid application, review your answers and submit the application. Coursera typically reviews financial aid applications within 15 business days. During this time, you can continue exploring other courses on Coursera with eJOY Extension, which provides bilingual subtitles and accurate translations for specialized terms. eJOY also has a mobile app to help you save words and review them on any device!

If your financial aid application is approved, you will receive a notification from Coursera and be granted free access to the course. Now, you can start learning and acquiring new knowledge without the financial burden.


Now, let’s compare the two options, “Audit the Course” and “Financial Aid”, to help you make an informed choice:

  1. Course Access:
  • Audit the Course: Free access to course materials but not peer review
  • Financial Aid: Free access or discounted enrollment to all materials
  1. Application Process:
  • Audit the Course: No application required, access instantly
  • Financial Aid: Application required, you may need up to 15 days to get approval (or not)
  1. Certificate:
  • Audit the Course: No certificate provided
  • Financial Aid: Certificate awarded upon successful completion


Both “Audit the Course” and “Financial Aid” offer fantastic opportunities for learners to access high-quality courses on Coursera for free or at a reduced cost. Whether you prefer to explore courses without a certificate through auditing or obtain a certificate through Financial Aid, Coursera has options to suit your needs.

Start your learning journey today and unlock a world of knowledge and skills with Coursera’s free learning options with eJOY!

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