12 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Christmas

Christmas is coming very soon! We all love Christmas and are always looking forward to this holiday. How much do you know about Christmas holiday?

Here are some interesting facts about holiday that you probably want to know:

  1. Christmas might be a public holiday; however, it is not a biblical holy day. The word “Christmas”  is not found in Holy Writ. This truth should cause people to realize that the tradition comes from the mind of man instead of the word of God
  2. The Statue of Liberty was given to the US by the French on Christmas day in 1886. It weighs 225 tons and thus we could consider it as the biggest Christmas gift in the world.
  3. The first Christmas was said to be celebrated on December 25, AD 336 in Rome.
  4. The popular reason we give presents to each other at Christmas is to symbolize the gifts given to baby Jesus by the three wise men. But it may also stem from the Saturnalia tradition that required revelers to offer up rituals to the gods.
  5. “Jingle Bells” was originally supposed to be a Thanksgiving song, not a Christmas song.
  6. All letters addressed to Santa in the United States go to Santa Claus, Indiana.

    Christmas Holiday
    Sending letters to Santa Clause is one of the most exciting things to do at Christmas

  7. Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December, which marks the birth of Jesus Christ (P.B.U.H). However, no one knows for sure on what exact day Christ was born. (Wikipedia)
  8. The ‘X’ in X-Mas, as we all use today, comes from the Greek, the language of the New Testament. In Greek, the word Christos (Christ) begins with the letter “X,” or chi. Here’s what it looks like: Χριστός.
  9. In the world, there are two islands that are named ‘Christmas’ – one is in the Pacific Ocean and the other in the Indian Ocean.
  10. The world’s tallest cut Christmas tree was a 67.36 m (221 ft) Douglas fir erected and decorated at Northgate Shopping Center, Seattle, Washington, USA, in December 1950.
  11. Christmas trees were first decorated with fruits (mainly apples), and then later on people started using candles, and then electric lights (1895) to decorate these trees.
  12. People believe that Christmas tree decoration had originated in the 16th century in Germany.


Now you’ve known some more about Christmas holiday. Do you know anything else about this holiday? Share with us!


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