This Must-Have English Vocabulary App will Help You Learn Effectively

English learners all want to acquire as much vocabulary as possible. In order to achieve that, you must read and look up words in the dictionary a lot. It takes much time, right? Moreover, you are too lazy to use a dictionary.

This blog post will present to you an English vocabulary app that not only helps you to learn English vocabulary effectively but also get translation in a fun and easy way.

How to learn English vocabulary smarter, not harder

Looking back at the problem, it is mostly due to the fact that we, the English learners, are quite lazy. To resolve this, I have decided to install the eJOY eXtension to Chrome. This English vocabulary app really saves my day.

How eJOY eXtension helps you learn English vocabulary

No matter you are studying or working, you have to read many English materials in your daily life. It can be an article or a simple Facebook status. Then you see a new word or a phrase you don’t understand. What do you do?  Rush to your dictionary to get the translation. 

With eJOY eXtension, you only need to select that word or phrase (double-click). The eJOY eXtension will show its meaning to you. With one more click, you can save that word for further review. 

You can view a word's meanings while browing the web.
Just 1 click and get the meaning of words

Translate subtitles on Youtube, Netflix, iflix with 1 click

The eJOY eXtension can still be helpful even when you are relaxing. If you see a new word on Youtube videos or Netflix shows, just click on that and eJOY will show you its meaning immediately. You can, of course, save this word to review later. (You can learn more about how to use eJOY eXtension in The instruction to eJOY eXtension.)

Look up words on Youtube
Look up words on Youtube

Why you should choose the eJOY eXtension

eJOY eXtension is not just a dictionary extension. Instead, it comes with a wide variety of games to help you study vocabulary. You can learn how to use words in different contexts and remember them by playing games with words. The games are generally well designed with interesting, lively images and videos.

This English vocabulary app connects your saved vocabulary with appropriate videos. This makes studying new words is more interesting.

                    Learn English vocabulary easily with eJOY eXtension

Learn English vocabulary by playing word-filling game
Remember words by playing “Fill in the Blank”

Learn English vocabulary by the word guessing game.
Remember words by playing “Guessing words”

Moreover, once installed the eJOY eXtension, you will be reminded to review vocabulary. It happens whenever you open Google Chrome, the Game Center window will be opened or a pop-up will appear, reminding you to review words you have saved. Of course, you will study them by playing games. This only takes a few minutes. You can play them whenever you feel comfortable, for example before starting to work, between lessons, before going to bed, etc.

eJOY eXtension will remind you to learn English vocabulary.
eJOY eXtension will remind you to learn English vocabulary.


In the past, I used to excuse myself from studying new vocabulary. However, ever since I installed this English vocabulary app, I enjoy studying them very much. Every time I open Google Chrome to read the news, the eJOY eXtension reminds me to learn vocabulary. Learning with the eJOY is not an obligation. In contrast, it’s a very fun and exciting experience, not like normal study activities.

eJOY eXtension can show you your progress.
eJOY eXtension can show you your progress.

This English vocabulary app also keeps a record of all my achievements with each vocabulary. This motivates me to continue to widen my knowledge of words, every single day.

That’s how I resolved my reluctant to study new vocabulary. What about you? Do you want eJOY to help you learn vocabulary effectively?

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