Overcome Laziness in English Learning

I used to be a nice student who was always in the top 5 of the class. I earned a lot of awards from good handwriting to maths, even the 1st prize in a logo design competition at my school. However, I was so lazy to learn English and fed up with learning English grammar by heart just for examination.

Until I entered the university…

No class check-in every day, no pressure on academic scores, no reminder of studying from my parents, I became lazier to learn English. I used to make a super detailed plan to learn 50 new words a day and intend to carry on from the day after for hundreds of times. But you know, that “day after” never came. I also tried to mimic the actors’ voices in movies. But I forgot how to pronounce new words after just a few minutes. So I eventually gave up this way.

Luckily, I’m a big fan of US-UK movies. Thanks to that, even though I didn’t attentively learn any English words, my listening and speaking skills were still not too bad. However, I couldn’t accept myself being at that “so-so” level forever. I desire to enjoy these movies through their original language as well as actors’ body language instead of being distracted by translation subtitles below.

Until one day…

I was wandering on the Internet and found some really awesome websites to watch movies with bilingual subtitles. They are Phimlearning, Netflix and eJOY eXtension. eJOY eXtension is a powerful tool to help me learn English while reading or watching movies. Using eJOY eXtension, you can easily practice your English on Netflix and Phimlearning. I usually turn on both English and Vietnamese sub and try to focus on English sub when watching. I will glance quickly at Vietnamese sub if I meet new English words. By this way, I can see movies without interruption and practice the fast reading skill as well. With Netflix, eJOY eXtension also lets me watch two subtitles at the same time. I also see the phonetic transcription, practice listening with the auto-paused feature (delayed subtitles practicing) and quickly check the meaning of words when watching movies.

How I learn vocabulary with eJOY

eJOY eXtension also allows me to look up and save new words immediately. No more spending 3 hours to do these steps manually for a 1.5-hour movie. With the application of the spaced repetition algorithm, eJOY eXtension will help me bring all of the vocabularies to my long-term memory. All I need to do is access eJOY’s Game Center on Chrome or on eJOY English app and play games. Thanks to this, I don’t have to write a word 100 times  until I remember it.

What I like most about the vocabulary review games is that it repeats the word’s pronunciation so many times that it ingrains in my mind effortlessly. In addition, the review games bring in the original context that I first saw the word. Reviewing how native speakers use the word in the practical context is more much effective than hearing a single word from a dictionary. So, for the first time in my life, I decided to invest in an English app and sign up for a 2-year eJOY package.

What have I received from eJOY investment?

From the day I discovered eJOY, the light has shined on my learning-English path. Just a few years ago, I couldn’t even speak a full and correct sentence. But now, although I’m not an English master yet, I am confident to speak my mind in English and apply what I learn  from  my favourite movies to real life. With eJOY, I believe I will finally get to a higher level sooner or later. I also send my gratitude to the eJOY team, who enthusiastically support me throughout my learning process.

Every day, I learn at least 10-20 or even up to 50 new words with eJOY. My vocabulary has increased significantly. It helped me to get my favorite job in content marketing right after graduating.

My love for eJOY is so big that it urges me to overcome my laziness and write this letter. So don’t be afraid to take a few minutes to know more about eJOY, ‘cause believe me, I used to be regretful. Because I did not know about eJOY earlier. I wish your English learning journey with eJOY is effective and full of fun!

Thank you for your reading ^^!

Invest in English with eJOY


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