The True Masters Are Lifelong Learners

It is very common for everyone to assume that only students need to learn English continually but professors don’t. Most people must have thought that there is no need for professors to improve English regularly because they’re already so good at it. The case of the President of Lac Hong University, Dr. Lam Thanh Hien, and his story of learning English with eJOY app will give us a new perspective about the journey of lifelong learning regardless of one’s high educational status. 

The Long Journey of Finding An Effective Method to Learn English

Dear Sir, would you please share with the audience about your journey to learn English on other platforms before using our eJOY app? 

I have actually tried learning English with some other apps in the past. I even paid for some apps’ subscriptions already. At one period, I also enrolled in an online English teaching program. Their program does have some good advantages for other learners, but it just doesn’t suit me very well. For example, the way they divided their teaching shifts, plus made me spend a huge amount of time to get all types of equipment set up before each class. The preparation stage took up more time than the actual class itself. 

Then I stumbled across eJOY through a Facebook Ad. I downloaded the app and signed up for a short trial lesson. eJOY gives me the feeling that this is a good program that can offer the most effective way for me to learn English on a daily basis. Using eJOY doesn’t just help my learning in a short period of time but in the long run. 

When you first started learning English with eJOY, how did you rate your English level?

When I graduated from the doctoral program, my English level was B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference. However, in practice, I came to realize that this B2 English level does not correctly measure my English stability. 

Let me explain my point more precisely so that you can understand better with this real-life example. Whenever I went on a business trip abroad, I had to communicate in English more often than usual — only then my English skills improved. But after returning back to Vietnam for a month or two later, my performance in English went back down again. This situation has happened to me many times, which encourages me to look for an English program that can truly maintain my language ability.

Dr. Lam Thanh Hien

How eJOY Has Successfully Delivered Personalized A Lifelong Learning Style for Users  

Do you currently use eJOY more often on your phone, or on our website? Could you please share with us some details about your own way of learning English with eJOY?

Well, I use the eJOY app on my smartphone more often because it’s so much more convenient. 

As for how I learn on eJOY, I frequently watch videos and play games to review new vocabulary. I like the game “Synonym” and play it most often. Customarily, eJOY’s games are built in a way to encourage users to learn at least three new words every day. In fact, if I don’t feel like I can learn all three new words in one day because of my busy schedule, I simply don’t add that much vocabulary. There is no force involved. I’ve got to freely decide my learning capacity for the day. I also watch videos on the app to find new vocabulary from those videos to add to my library.

Additionally, I tend to set a daily goal of studying English to accomplish 6000 points on the eJOY app. In the morning, I will always try my best to reach the first 2000 points. The remaining points will be divided equally to study in the afternoon and evening until my original goal of 6000 points is achieved. It is okay to feel lazy at some points. When I do feel lazy, I set a lower point to complete. As long as I make myself interact with English a few times a day, that should be good enough.

How has your English learning habit changed before and after knowing about eJOY?

I see a lot of positive changes, saving time is one of them. I no longer need to spend so much time preparing materials and commuting to an actual English class. 

Maximizing convenience is the second positive change when learning with eJOY that I have to mention here. My smartphone is all I need now to learn English. Particularly, I can just pull up the eJOY app and study whenever I’m on a business trip. There’s no need to carry a laptop with me on the go. With eJOY, everything has become easier for my circumstance. 

Could you please share the reason why you decided to buy the lifetime subscription to learn English with eJOY?

Simply because I find eJOY is quite suitable for me. As I’ve shared above, eJOY offers a great personalized learning experience for my busy schedule. Besides, I am able to learn English using my favorite content on the Internet. As of right now, my chosen English lessons are all about the deadly coronavirus since the COVID-19 outbreak is my biggest concern currently. eJOY provides a good range of diverse topics for me to choose from so that I don’t feel bored studying the same topic over and over again. Hence, I determined to purchase a lifetime package to learn English with eJOY. 

To end today’s interview, do you currently have any demands that eJOY has not been able to assist? Any advice for the eJOY Team with our product development in the future? 

Through what I have shared so far, eJOY is highly approved. Nevertheless, eJOY can work on recommending more videos that have shorter lengths to keep users hooked to your content. Plus, videos that are less than a minute will be more suitable for those users who only want to learn a few new words a day than videos of several tens of minutes. 

We sincerely thank Dr. Lam Thanh Hien for taking the time to share his valuable experiences and lifelong learning spirit. Learning to teach students well in one’s professional field is not enough. Professors also need to learn to be experts in other professions and for their own development. We believe that many of you will be inspired by your story to continue striving on your learning and training journey.


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