How to look up in PDF with PDF Translator


You can import your own PDF document to eJOY to look up and translate words in the file. To use this feature, make sure you have eJOY eXtension installed. Then, go to Game center and choose PDF Translator.

In the PDF Translator page, click Upload to upload your own PDF document.

After uploading/pasting, you can start to look up words in the document with eJOY eXtension, just like you do on any website. Highlight a word to look up its meaning.

When you finish, choose Save to save your documents. All saved documents will be shown on the front page of PDF Translator (this function is coming soon).

NOTE: Another way to look up PDF is to open an online PDF file (one you haven’t downloaded) => highlight a word/phrase => right-click => choose PDF Translator. This only works on a limited number of websites, however. Uploading your own file to eJOY’s PDF Translator is, therefore, recommended.