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eJOY is an English learning app that allows you to become JOYFULLY immersed and FLUENT in English. Learn vocabulary in a real-life context with 10,000+ captioned videos of music, movies, inspiring talks, and more. Practice speaking and check your pronunciation without needing a foreign partner. Track your progress with a scientifically-proven method.
Don't study English
Have Fun & Immerse in English
eJOY has +10,000 English native videos of all topics: inspiration, TV shows, movies, musics, food, travel ...
  • Relax at work by watching fun videos
  • Watch on the Go with mobile app
  • Watch movies, TV shows and learn new words at the same time.
  • Watch movies, TV shows and learn new words at the same time.
Don't memorize
Learn with context
With eJOY, you can look up any new word
  • Get meaning of a word, add it to word book to play games.
  • Or Add a phrase to learn
  • And even with slangs, idioms. Stay updated to the US language culture.
Don't study seriously
Make it simple & easy
  • Watch on the Go with mobile app
  • 5 minutes playing game every day to strengthen your vocabulary
  • Stay motivated and Keep track of your progress
English proficiency is not your destination
It's your knowledge, your connection to the world
"Don't let English limits limit your world."
Don't make anything stop you from learning
It's your knowledge, your connection to the world
You can learn all our videos in series/ order so that your knowledge will improve over time.
eJoy is a multi-platform English learning app
eJoy App on your phone
Lean vocabulary in a real- life context with 10,000+ captioned videos, practice speaking and check pronunciation, play fun series of games to remember words and track your progress with science-based method.
eJoy GO on web
Best web app for Effortless English study. Practice shadowing (speak) and transcribing (listen & write). Learn English Courses. Learn topic vocabulary from Words Store.
eJoy eXtension for Chrome
Get translation on Facebook, Youtube, Netflix or any where in just one click, save new words to word book and play games to remember forever
See how Lee learns English with eJOY
Minh Pham
❝I don't want to study English, but I want to be able to watch English movies, play English games, learn from English inspiring speeches. eJOY English fits my needs perfectly.❞
Minh Pham CEO MicViet
Mai Hong
❝I have learnt English for 5 years. But I can't talk to a foreigner fluently because my pronunciation is really bad. Then I started usingeJOY to practice speaking from real life conversations. Just listen to a dialogue, repeat it, record my voice, get results and then correct my mistakes until I get 90% - 100% score. Now I feel like I'm gradually getting used to English accents.❞
Mai Hong Student
Ngo Vuong
❝It is said that watching English movies is one of the most effective ways to learn English. However, I am so lazy at looking up the definition and pronunciation of words. eJOY makes my movie-learning become way more convenient and effective. I can then play word games and revise what I've learnt everyday.❞
Ngo Vuong Full Stack Developer
Diep Bui
❝My vocabulary is not large enough for me to understand thoroughly all the inspiring books and famous speeches I love. eJOY truly helps me broaden my vocabulary steadily. Everyday, I watch an inspiring video and learn 20 new words. I'll keep revising those new words till I reach the level of Master. I'm thrilled to think that my vocab will be 16,000 by the end of 2018.❞
Diep Bui UX Designer
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