eJOY eXtension is a powerful tool to help you learn English while reading or watching movies, videos online. Using eJOY eXtension, you can easily practice your English on Netflix. In this post, we’re going to show you how to make the most out of eJOY eXtension while watching movies.

How to access eJOY eXtension on Netflix

Step 1: Add eJOY eXtension to your Chrome browser

Step 2: Go to Netflix and select a movie that you want to watch

Step 3: Click on eJOY icon [the waterdrop icon] that is crossed and dimmed below the timing slider -> An eJOY’s settings popup will show up, just click on the eJOY’s icon at the top of the popup to enable eJOY eXtension on Netflix. Once the extension is enabled, the waterdrop icon will turn blue as follows.

How to look up and save words/phrases using eJOY eXtension

You can easily look up words and phrases while watching a Netflix movie and then save them for later practice. To learn more about how to look up and save words, please read the following articles:

eJOY eXtension’s main screens

On the viewing screen

 The viewing screen with vertical subtitles – Image 1

1. Click here to close the vertical subtitles on the sidebar.

2. The main information on the sidebar:

  • Transcript: Vertical subtitles
  • Bookmarks: All of the subtitles in the current movie that is bookmarked
  • Print or save the transcript/bookmarked subtitles as pdf

3. Displayed subtitles [based on your settings]:

  • Top subtitle: Subtitles in your target language
  • Bottom subtitle: Subtitles in your native language or your preferred language

4. Click to display full subtitle bar – Image 2 

5. Click on the blue waterdrop icon to open the extension’s settings

Image 1

The viewing screen with full subtitle bar – Image 2

6. Click to open the vertical transcript

7. Click to close the horizontal subtitle

8. Copy the current subtitle to clipboard

9. Click to see the subtitle translation from Google Translate

10. Click to bookmark the current subtitle

11. Displayed subtitles [based on your settings]:

  • Subtitles in your target language
  • Subtitles in your native or preferred language
  • Subtitles translated by Google Translate
Image 2

12. Bur subtitle

13. Click to reveal the blurred subtitle

Image 3

14. Click to close full subtitle bar

On the settings screen

Access the settings screen to set up your preferred settings so that you will have a better experience watching the movie – Image 4

  1. Swipe left to disable eJOY eXtension on Netflix
  2. Restore settings to their original defaults
  3. Click to see the instructions/ explanations
  4. Preferred settings:
  • Target language: The language that you’re learning
  • Translation language: The language that you’d like the subtitles to be translated to
  • Preferred speed: This speed will be set as default for all movies you watch

5. Current movie settings:

  • Target language: The main language in which the current movie subtitles are.
  • Translation language: The language into which the current movie subtitles are translated into
  • Speed: Current speed of the movie

6. Subtitle display settings. There are 4 different subtitles that can be displayed at once while watching movies

  • Top subtitle: The subtitles in your target language
  • Bottom subtitle: The subtitles in your translation language
  • Phonetic transcription: The phonetic translation of the subtitles
  • Quick lookup: Instantly lookup subtitles by hovering any word on the subtitle

Subtitle options: With each subtitle, you can customize its display

  • Enable/disable subtitles
  • Blur subtitles
  • Choose subtitles’ font size
  • Choose subtitles’ font color

You can see how the subtitles display according to your adjustments in the Preview Sub.

7. Other settings:

  • Automatically pause the movie at the end of each subtitle with delayed subtitles
  • Enable delay subtitle
  • Show subtitle after: Choose the time when the subtitle is displayed after the delay
  • Pause on Mouse hover: Selecting this, the movie will be paused if the mouse hovers on the subtitles

8. Shortcut keys: You can use keyboard keys to control the player.

Image 4

Learn English with movies on Netflix now