Turn On Dual Subtitle For Learning Language


eJOY eXtension allows you to watch movies with 2 subtitles simultaneously so you can study English more effectively while watching movies.

Follow these steps to turn on dual subtitles:

Step 1: Choose a movie of your choices. The movie should have subtitles in different languages.

Step 2: On the movie player screen, click on the setting icon (1)

Preferred settings (2): The movie’s subtitles will be displayed automatically according to your preferred settings. If you’d like to change the subtitle settings for the current movie only, then go to the Current movie settings (3) to make changes. In the preferred settings and current movie settings, you can select languages for your subtitles.

  • Target language: The language that you’re learning
  • Translation language: The language that you’d like the subtitles to be translated to
  • Preferred speed: This speed will be set as default for all movies you watch

Current movie settings (3):

  • Target language: The main language in which the current movie subtitles are.
  • Translation language: The language into which the current movie subtitles are translated
  • Speed: Current speed of the movie

Setting Dual Sub

Step 3: Watch the movie with two subtitles

Dual Sub

Note: If Netflix doesn’t have the translation language, you can press Alt+T to have subtitles translated by Google Translate.