Đây là bài luyện kỹ năng Reading dành cho đối tượng Intermediate. Chủ đề Health Care(Unit 3 – Study Plan for Intermediate). Trong bài đọc này, bạn sẽ tìm hiểu vai trò của nụ cười trong cuộc sống. Hãy đọc và làm bài tập ở dưới nhé! (Chú ý những chỗ được in đậm và đừng quên lưu từ mới vào sổ từ bằng eJOY extension để ôn tập thêm).

Some people say that laughter is the best medicine. Scientists are beginning to agree with this. They are studying laughter seriously and are finding that it is really good for us.

So what happens when we laugh? We use 15 different muscles in our face, and laughing is good for every organ in our body. When we laugh, we breathe quickly and exercise the face, shoulders, and chest. Our blood pressure goes down, and our circulation gets better. Our heartbeat is lower, and our brain makes a natural painkiller called a beta-endorphin.

Every minute we laugh is the same as 45 minutes of relaxation. Many doctors around the world believe that laughter helps us get better when we are sick.

Today, there are laughter clubs around the world. They try to improve people’s health with laughter. The laughter clubs started in India. Now they are in many different countries. There are more than 450 laughter clubs just in India. All kinds of people join a laughter club. They go once a day for 20 minutes and start to laugh. There are no jokes. People laugh as a kind of exercise, and everyone feels better afterwards. Some people pay a lot of money to join a laughter club and just laugh.

Of course, there are many kinds of laughter. We may laugh in different ways when we are in different situations. But we all have a laugh that is special to us.

How and when do you usually laugh? Does the following make you laugh?

Patient: Doctor! Doctor! Every time I drink coffee, I get a sharp pain in my eye.
Doctor: Well, take out the spoon


Bạn hãy làm các bài tập dưới đây và chỉ xem đáp án khi đã hoàn thành tất cả các câu nhé!

Task 1. Circle the letter of the best answer.

1. Scientists say that laughter is…

A. good for us

B. serious

C. not really good

2. Laughter is good for …

A. our whole body

B. only the face

C. only the chest and shoulders

3. Laughter clubs …

A. are only in India

B. are places to learn jokes

C. help people feel better

Task 2. One piece of information in each sentence is not correct. Rewrite the sentence with the correct information.

1. We use 50 different muscles in our face when we laugh.
2. Laughing is good for every organ in our brain.
3. Every minute we laugh is the same as 45 hours of relaxation.
4. We may change the way we laugh in different ages.
5. When we laugh, we breathe seriously.
6. Our face makes a natural painkiller.

Task 3. Discuss the answers to these questions with your friends.

1. Do you often laugh or do you never laugh?
2. When you laugh, do you laugh with your mouth open?
3. When you laugh, do you laugh loudly?
4. When you laugh, do you have a shy and quiet laugh?
5. What makes you laugh?