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Job Interview

University graduates hoping to get a job as an investment banker in London could be disappointed if they wear brown shoes to their job interview. A new report highlights how the investment banking industry in the UK follows centuries-old, unwritten rules about how bankers should conduct themselves. The study was undertaken by the British government’s Social Mobility Commission. Researchers looked at how the industry selected people in job interviews. They found that the industry was governed by “relatively opaque” codes of conduct. They wrote: “For men, the wearing of brown shoes with a business suit is generally considered unacceptable…within investment banking.”

Job Interview

The survey suggested that people from working class backgrounds had to change their behaviour to fit in with bankers who were from middle and upper classes. One newly-appointed banker said: “I felt like my accent was a bit out of place, so I changed it.” The study also said the industry discriminated against those who did not go to elite universities. The Commission’s chairman said: “Bright, working-class kids are being systematically locked out of top jobs in investment banking because they did not attend a small handful of elite universities.” He added: “It is shocking…that some investment bank managers still judge candidates on whether they wear brown shoes with a suit, rather than on their skills and potential.”


A/ Chọn câu trả lời đúng

  1. What kind of graduates could be disappointed?
    a) technical college graduates
    b) high school graduates
    c) university graduates
    d) undergraduates
  2. Who looked at how the industry selected people in interviews?
    a) researchers
    b) bankers
    c) universities
    d) candidates
  3. What is considered unacceptable in the investment banking industry?
    a) cheating
    b) causing global financial collapses
    c) taking unnecessary risks
    d) wearing brown shoes
  4. What did one banker have to change to not feel out of place?
    a) his/her accent
    b) his/her career
    c) his/her university
    d) his/her hairstyle
  5. Who is being systematically locked out of top investment banking jobs?
    a) candidates
    b) graduates
    c) upper-class kids
    d) working-class kids

B/ Sắp xếp từ thành câu hoàn chỉnh

  1. investment   hoping   a   an   Graduates   get   as   banker   to   job   .
  2. about  rules   Unwritten   themselves  conduct  should   bankers  how   .
  3. looked   Researchers   people   selected   industry   the   how   at   .
  4. by   governed   was   industry   The   codes   opaque   relatively   .
  5. considered   Generally   banking   investment   within   unacceptable   .
  6. of  like  place  my  so  accent   I  was  changed  a  it   bit   I  out  felt   .
  7. industry   did   discriminated   not   against   go   those   The   who   .
  8. Systematically  jobs   locked  in   out   investment   of   banking   top   .
  9. not   small   elite   did   a   of   They   attend   handful   universities   .
  10. Judge   shoes   brown   wear   they   whether   on   candidates   .