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Get stuck with new words but lazy to open your dictionary?

With eDict, everything you need is in ONE PLACE

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Why eJOY eDict?
Get full information of any word
Why eJOY eDict?
Look up on any Website easily While surfing the Web, you can look up any new words without opening another app.
Why eJOY eDict?
Quick connect to your favorite Dictionaries Cambridge, Oxford, Urban, Wikipedia, Babylon Slang and more.
Save words & review with Spaced Repetition eDict is not only a dictionary. As a part of eJOY Learning system, you can save new words and sync your data to be able to play games and remember words easily with Spaced Repetition.
Why eJOY eDict?
Available Offline You can look up word anywhere. Just download the languages you want to translate in.
Why eJOY eDict?
Ad-free Hate ads? Distracted by Online Banner Ads? With eDict, there is no more distraction or disturbian ads.
Finally, it's FREE! What are you waiting for?

What eJOY’s users are saying?

Linh Mon
I have learnt English for 5 years but still I cannot talk to foreigners fluently because my pronunciation is really bad. Then I started using eJOY to practice speaking with real life conversations. I just listen to a video, repeat it, record my voice, get results and then repeat until I get 90-100% score. Now I feel like I'm gradually getting used to English accent. Thanks eJOY!
Linh Mon Via Chrome Store
Mai Hong
Very useful extension. I switched from Safari to Chrome to be able to use it. Hope it can be used on Safari someday. Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool!
Mai Hong Via App Store
Ngo Vuong
Many people told me that watching movies is one of the most effective ways to learn English. However, I was too lazy to look up new words to get the definition and pronunciation. eJOY came in and made things a lot easier and more convenient. Now I can play games and review words that I’ve saved everyday to remember them.
Ngo Vuong Via Google Play Store
Trinh Beli
This is the best App I've used ever. I can learn English through my favorite movies and videos, save words and review them every single days with interesting Games; and practice speaking as well. No need tutor, no need notes, my English has improved a lot. The interface is nice, I have a great experience using this App. Thanks eJOY soooo much.
Trinh Beli via Facebook
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