We redesign English learning.

Toan Tran

Our Story

We started eJOY Learning started in 2017, to solve a common frustration that we shared with almost all other English learners: being unable to remember and use what he learned.

We believe the tremendous resource on the Internet is a perfect antidote to dry textbooks. Instead of giving you a plain list of vocabulary, it provides real context that you can immerse in and see how words are said and used in real-life situations.

Our mission is to provide a tool that helps you explore this rich source of context on your own. From movies to documentaries, from e-news to articles, all can be turned into your personal English lesson in 1 click.

With the help of the latest technology, we are proud to be liberating the way people learn this global language.

Toan Tran, Co-founder @eJOY Learning.

Toan Tran

Our philosophy

Learning is joyful.


Learning should be fun again, or let us re-word it: learning should always be joyful and inspiring. It should be designed according to personal needs because no two people learn the same way. If you are a "movie head", then movies in English should be a great start. If you are a "science geek", you should be able to learn English from science articles.

Our product stands for this philosophy: you choose your favorite content source, we help you learn everything you can from it.

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Our journey

To be continued


4 years in the business, we now take care of over 700,000 users, 200k+ of whom are active on a daily basis. Our product ecosystem has gone beyond a mere video translator to a well-round, creative collection of context-based language learning apps that help people improve their English and work toward their life goals.

We hope to carry the success we had with eJOY to future products. Things have gotten a lot better, yet we are nowhere near done. Our journey is to be continued.

Our people

Where a part of our inspiration comes from

You can tell who we are from our products. At eJOY Learning, we value individualism and commit to providing a place where uniqueness and inspiration can grow. If you ever visit our office, you will find a part-time barista, three vegans, huge body anatomy books, a car driving simulator, many yoga props, and a lot of food ;)

eJOY team