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One Single Account for Our Entire Product Suite

eJOY English App

For learning English, reading comprehension and knowledge reivew on your phone.


eJOY Extension

For reading, capturing, and reviewing knowledge on computer.


eJOY Web

For reviewing vocab & knowledge on your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Can I use my account on multiple devices?
2. What happens after payment success?
3. Is it possible for me to upgrade from AI Pro Dict to Pro Voca or Pro Plus by paying an extra fee?
4. If I upgrade to Pro on my mobile, will my account on my laptop automatically be upgraded to Pro as well?
5. Does eJOY have a refund policy?
6. Can I transfer my Pro account to someone else?

About eJOY Team

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Established in 2019, eJOY is dedicated to enhancing the ease, enjoyment, and effectiveness of learning. We consistently innovate to create a learning platform that values learners' individuality and diversity.

We proudly claimed the first prize at the STARTUP Vietnam contest in 2022 the 3rd prize in the TECHFEST National Startup contest in 2019, a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional learning outcomes for everyone.

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