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Watch movies with dual subtitles, auto-pause mode, look up & save words, review words with games and more.

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Lê Tuấn - Student

"Absolutely a fun and effective way to learn English and entertain at once. Wish I had heard about eJOY earlier."

I have tried so many English learning apps and soon got bored. But eJOY is totally different. I'm so happy that not only my English but also my knowledge is growing exponentially.

Immerse in English with dual-subtitle movies. Watch movies - speak - listen at one.

Look up words & IPA, save words, bookmark sub lines, speed control, auto pause - All-in-One.

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Work on your favorite movie streaming sites: Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Coursera, Udemy

eJOY extension is integrated into a wide range of video-based websites, including Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Udemy, Coursera and more. This keeps you immersed in English while entertaining or working.

Practice listening with your favorite content

20+ shortcut keys keep you more efficient in learning with movies: watching and looking up words, controlling video speed, all by your keyboard only.

Save words and play games to remember them forever

Just a click to look up, save words while browsing. Play spaced repetition based games to review words you’re about to forget.

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eJOY extension helps you immerse in English even though you’re not living in an English speaking country.

Look up words while browsing, watching movies without opening a dictionary at ease.

Watch movies and practice listening - speaking on Netflix, YouTube, & more

  • Watch movies with dual subtitles and IPA phonetics
  • Look up, save words for further review
  • Speed control, rewind, fast forward
  • Print subtitles
  • Integrate eJOY to any video sites
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Learn vocabulary from movies

  • Full dictionary: translation, definition, synonym, antonym, example, and slang
  • Translate phrases and sentences: shortcut key Alt/ Option + select word by word
  • Save words, phrases and reviews with contexts
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Learn vocabulary in contexts and remember forever

  • Play games with contexts you save words
  • Play game with YouTube contexts
  • Practice listening - speaking - reading - writing skills
  • Track your learning progress
  • Stay motivated with your daily goal - complete streak every day
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Look up words while reading news, surfing web

  • Full dictionary: translation, definition, synonym, antonym, example, slang
  • US-UK auto-pronunciation
  • Video dictionary
  • Get translation of a sentence or even a paragraph
  • Save words, phrases for later practices
  • Inline translation
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Look up on PDF files

  • Translate text on PDF file opened on Chrome
  • Get IPA phonetic transcriptions for the selected text
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Reader Mode

  • Turn on Reader mode to remove ads and unnecessary information
  • Turn on/off Audio reader to practice listening and reading at once
  • Select US or UK voice
  • Reading speed control
  • Print web pages in Reader mode
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Lam Phan - Engineer

Very dedicated and responsive support team

They not only provide detailed instructions to the apps, but also reply to my questions via email and chat box within a day. Bugs and feature requests are handled properly as well.

Being rated 4.9 stars on Chrome store

  • eJOY does not sell your data.
  • eJOY does not install viruses or malware on your device.

Responsive customer service

  • We offer a multi-channel support service. You can connect with us via chat box on website, email, fanpage, and community on website.

New features updated

  • eJOY regularly updates new features based on users’ wishlist and feedback.
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Minh Chau - Student

"eJOY helps me keep entertaining and learning English at the same time."

My vocabulary size grows day by day. I now can get my ears tuned into different accents and speeds of speaking even when I’m not living in an English speaking country.

About eJOY

eJOY was founded in 2017 when one of our cofounders found it painful for him to learn English. He wished it to be fun and inspiring so that he can learn English effortlessly and effectively.

eJOY was awarded the third prize in Techfest start up contest.

+500,000 learners over the world are using eJOY eXtension to get an edge in life and career.

Start learning English via movies and YouTube for FREE now.

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