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eJOY English learning system
eJOY App on your phone Practice Listening - Speaking - Vocabulary with real-life videos and interactive games
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eJOY eXtension for chrome Watch movies on Netflix & YouTube with dual subtitles. Look up & add words instantly. Play games & remember words
eJOY EPIC on web Tailored-video lessons to improve Listening comprehensive, Vocabulary, Grammar, and more.
eJOY Reader on your phone Improve English reading and listening, and grow your vocabulary through news, and stories you like.
Frequently Asked Questions

If my friends and I buy as a group, do we all have to share an account? Are there any limitations?

If you buy as a group, each group member has their own Pro account and get full access to all eJOY platforms without any limitations. eJOY offers groups discount to encourage you to study in a group for greater motivation.

How can I make payment?

When your information is verified, eJOY will send the payment instruction to your email. After successful payment, please send us your group members' emails and their names respectively, we will send Pro activation code to each member and add you to CC. (*) Please keep in mind that each Pro activation code is only used once, so don't forward emails outside of your network.

When is our subscription start date?

The subscription start date of each account may vary, depending on when a Pro code is redeemed

What should I do if I have a technical issue?

Please contact us via email [email protected] or chat with us on Facebook Fanpage / eJOY Website. We'll try to resolve as soon as possible.

Users talk about us
Chau Nguyen from Water Resource University
Learning English with eJOY is so much fun. I can both watch my favorite tv shows and learn English effectively at the same time. eJOY makes everything become easy and simple. I don’t have to write down any words to my notebook. I don’t have to waste your time looking up a word in dictionaries, either. With eJOY, everything is just a few clicks away. My English skills improve much more. I could communicate confidently with foreigners when I traveled to Thailand. I can give directions if foreigners ask me for directions in Vietnam.
Oopalonga Via Chrome Store
This extension is insane. I use it for advanced English vocabulary learning and am so impressed by its features. You simply have to use it to see. (Plus, I've used A LOT of other language learning software--and this is the BEST!). Thank you programmers and designers! <3 <3
Tanaka Shirouhara Via App Store
Wow, amazing numbers of vocabulary and video content is very exciting. I can learn many Financial terms without googling in despair. the auto speaking voices when listeing pronunciation are so sweet too.
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far GO TOGETHER
-African proverb-