The Ultimate Tool to Learn CHINESE with Movies

eJOY Chinese is a Chinese learning platform including a website and Chrome extension

Watch movies on Netflix and learn Chinese in real-life context

Watch Chinese movies on Netflix with 3 subtitled languages: English, Chinese and Pinyin

Play spaced repetition based games to remember words forever

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Thao Nguyen - Via Facebook

Oopalonga - via Chrome Store

G-skie - Via App Store

I'm a businessman and I've found it's hard to set a specific time to study English or take any English class. But the eJOY's method is quite easy and suitable for me.

This Extension is INSANE! I use it for advanced English vocabulary learning and so impressed by its features. You simply have to use it to see. (Plus, I've used A LOT of other language learning software - and this is the BEST!)

Many thanks to the developers. It helps me a lot on learning English. Very useful and convenient. Please keep this app running well for long. Many thanks!

The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself... The more you learn, the more you earn.

- Warren Buffett -

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Learn Chinese through 3,000 videos classified by topics and Chinese levels

Analyze vocabularies in each video based on HSK levels and your vocab size.

Words are supported with illustrations to help you memorize them easily

Save new words to your word book

Hover to look up any Chinese words with meanings,  components, radicals, and tips to remember it (Mnemonics)

Look up words to get their in-context meaning with examples

Each video is customized with English - Chinese - Pinyin subtitles

With Chrome extension, you can

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