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Look up & Save words on multiple platforms

Avaiable on mobile app ejoy go ejoy extension

eJOY extension - look up on Chrome web: Netflix, Youtube, Blogs, and more.

Reader App - look up on Mobile web: blogs, news media.

eJOY App - look up videos on eJOY App.

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All-in-One dictionary

Avaiable on mobile app

Not just translation and definition. Get immersed with words phonetics, examples, synonym, word family, collocation and slangs.

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Inline Translation

Avaiable on ejoy extension

Get translation right next to the text. This works best when you read a long text with lots of new words.

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Available on online PDF files

Avaiable on ejoy extension

Open PDF file on Chrome, with extension, select and right click to advanced translation.


Avaiable on ejoy extension

Don't just learn one word. Learn it in context, in a phrase, a sentence or a paragraph.

On desktop web, with eJOY extension, select a sentence or a long text - right click to advanced translations - highlight key words and save.

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Organize your words & Get synced across devices

Organize your words in topics, in classes, or your own order. Wherever you save your words, they all are synced to your word books on eJOY app and extension.

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