How I Found My Passion for Learning English

My name is Tha. I once shared with eJOY learners supporter about how I hated English and how eJOY has helped me find my passion for learning English. And that’s why you are reading my story now. I was a bit shy at first when writing this. However, I have overcome my fear to step up and share my story with a hope that some one out there might get motivated from my sharing.

About myself

  • Name: Tran Thanh Tha 
  • Age: 22 years old
  • University: Five – year at Nong Lam University
  • How I studied English: study grammar, join an English course in English centers
  • How I’m studying English now: learn English vocabulary with eJOY 
  • eJOY’s products used: eJOY eXtensioneJOY AppeJOY Go
  • English skills improved: speaking, listening, reading, vocabulary.

I have taken many English courses in different English centers but my English hasn’t improved so much. Basically, all of these courses mostly focus on grammar, vocabulary and ignore – speaking, reading and listening. For me, learning a long list of English vocabulary is always boring, especially when I have to write them down in my notebook just to memorize them. But you know, no matter how many times I write a word down on paper, I still find it hard to use it in real life. And that’s why my English vocabulary was extremely poor at that time. The worse part is that I couldn’t read, write, speak in English if I didn’t know many words. Therefore, I started to look for apps to help me to study vocabulary.

How has eJOY English helped to improve my English?

After trying out different English apps, I decided to choose eJOY as my English learning partner. I think eJOY is the best app to learn English vocabulary. My vocabulary has increased so much since I studied with eJOY. I can read a book easily and don’t feel boring when reading a book because I can use eJOY eXtension to look up new words and save them to wordbooks. This method is so effective for me.

Besides learning English vocabulary with eJOY, I am also learning English communication with my  Filipino teacher. Thanks to eJOY, now I have more vocabulary to speak with my teacher. 

How do I learn English with eJOY?

I have 2 main ways to study English on this website. First, as a veterinarian, I often learn vocabulary about my major by reading this site: eJOY will help me do this by translating the text or vocabulary. Besides, It also allows me to save sentences or paragraphs whenever I want. Second, I think that eJOY is the best tool to help me study vocabulary which I am taught in my English class. I learn vocabulary with flashcards and games. I can see spellings below a word and I also click this icon to hear its sound. I practice like this more and more every day. And now, I learn a lot of new vocabulary which I didn’t believe I can do that before.

And finally, I also want eJOY to have more phrasebooks to help me save more major vocabulary. Anyway, I can’t believe that the Vietnamese can create this one and I really love this website and people behind it. Do not hesitate, install the app and try it free. You can abandon it if you don’t like it. But I believe, after using eJOY, you will soon find your passion for learning English, like I do. 

Find your passion for English with eJOY


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