The English Learning Journey of a Movie Lover

My name is Lam, a full-time employee in Laos. I always believe that I can master English just by watching movies. But I quite struggled with finding a method to learn with movies effectively.  And today I’m so happy to share with you the English learning journey of a movie lover, who is ME.

About myself

  • Lam
  • 33 years old, Lao
  • How I studied English: watching movies only
  • How I’m studying English now: learning English with movies on eJOY
  • eJOY products used: eJOY eXtension, eJOY App, eJOY Go.
  • English skills improved: Listening, Speaking, Vocabulary

What’s wrong with learning English through movies?

I’m always a big fan of movies and TV series. Even though I’m quite busy with my studying and part-time job, I still manage to watch my favorite movies every night or every weekend. One day, one of my friends told me that I could totally learn English by watching movies. I was very surprised and therefore, I tried to watch as many English movies as I could.

Living in a foreign country requires me to have the ability to communicate in English fluently. However, my English was very bad. I never felt confident speaking English with other people. After a few months watching British and American movies, my English skills didn’t seem to improve. I think my English listening improved a little bit but not as much as I expected. I still found it hard to speak with other people in English.

Love English, again

Until recently, I knew eJOY by chance while surfing the Internet. For me, eJOY is a super cool tool to learn English with movies. After 1 month using eJOY to learning English, I feel much more confident and I can see some significant improvements in my speaking.

Here is how I learn English every day

Well, my learning method with eJOY is very simple. I watch my favorite movies on Netflix as usual and look up new words that I don’t know using eJOY eXtension. Then I save those new words to my word list and review them later (usually I spend about 8 minutes reviewing my vocabulary each day). eJOY has many fun games to practice my vocabulary so I don’t feel bored with learning a long list of new words anymore. My favorite game on eJOY is the Speaking game because this game can help me to practice my speaking and pronunciation.  The speech recognition technology that eJOY uses will analysis my speech and show me where I pronounce wrong. Even though I still don’t speak English very fluently, I don’t feel shy communicating with my foreign friends.

My favorite eJOY platforms are eJOY GO and eJOY eXtension because I mainly use my laptop at home. Of course, I also downloaded eJOY app to my phone so that I can review my vocabulary when I’m out and about.

I hope the eJOY team will soon develop a feature where English learners can chat and practice English with each other. That’d be a very great! Thank you the eJOY team for making my English learning become easier and more joyful!

Are you a fan of movies? Do you think you can have your own version of “English learning journey of a movie lover”? Why not? Share with me your stories. And let’s start watching movies with joy now.

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