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You choose what you like No more boring textbook. With eJOY you'll be immersed in English with your favourite movies, songs, or any content of your choice.
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Gamified learning experiences Play games to master English. Backed by industry 4.0 technologies, eJOY creates games based on your content for you to practice listening, speaking, writing, reading, grammar and vocabulary.
Progress tracking Track your words' fluency and learning performance throughout eJOY platforms.
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Chau Nguyen Chau Nguyen

Student at Water Resource University

I have learnt English for 5 years but still I cannot talk to foreigners fluently because my pronunciation is really bad. Then I started using eJOY to practice speaking with real life conversations. I just listen to a video, repeat it, record my voice, get results and then repeat until I get 90-100% score. Now I feel like I'm gradually getting used to English accent. Thanks eJOY! See full story
Oopalonga Oopalonga

Via Chrome Store

This extension is insane. I use it for advanced English vocabulary learning and am so impressed by its features. You simply have to use it to see. (Plus, I've used A LOT of other language learning software--and this is the BEST!). Thank you programmers and designers! <3 <3 See more
Tanaka Shirouhara Tanaka Shirouhara

Via App Store

Wow, amazing numbers of vocabulary and video content is very exciting. I can learn many Financial terms without googling in despair. the auto speaking voices when listeing pronunciation are so sweet too. See more
Most wanted features

Speak Game

Speak - record - check - compare.

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Look up & Save Word

Look up new words - save to word books - review every day.

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Clip Book

Learn with short videos.

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Subtitle Editing

Edit videos’ transcript & timing on eJOY Go.

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Sync across devices

Sync your data and keep studying wherever you go.

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Offline Learning

Save videos and dictionaries to your phone to learn any time.

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YouTube Connect

Practice English with Youtube videos.

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Word Hunt

A video dictionary.

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State-of-the-art technologies

Technologies used

Artificial Intelligence

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Speech Recognition

Machine Learning

Algorithms developed

Spaced Repetition

Vocabulary Analysis

Video Recommendation

and more...

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