Shortcut keys on eJOY GO

1. How to access the Shortcut Key list:

On eJOY GO , you can use shortcuts on keyboard to quickly rewind, repeat or listen to a subtitle again, etc. To see the list of shortcuts, click Settings (gear button on the screen) and select Shortcut key list.

2. Shortcut key list: Explain

When it comes to Shortcut key list, you will see plenty of shortcuts that can be used while watching videos on eJOY GO. These are the explanation of current keyboard shortcuts.

Noted: The features of shortcuts in the images may differ from those described in the list below if they are being edited. Please refer to the list below.

Shortcut key list on eJOY GO.

A or ⬅ : Rewatch the previous subtitle

D or ➡ : Move to the next subtitle

E or C : Show/Hide subtitles

P : Play/ Pause

S : Slow speed

R : Start recording on speak game

Ctrl + L : Listen to the current subtitle again

O : Rewind to the beginning of the video

L : Repeat a sentence continuously

Shift + 1 : Select the start of a loop

Shift + 2 : Select the end of a loop, then listen to the loop

Shift + 3 : Turn loop on/off

Shift + P : Turn on/off the Auto Pause feature (the feature stops the video for a while to display subtitles for listening practice)

F : Full screen mode

⬆ : Increase volume

⬇ : Reduce volume

M : Mute/unmute

General Settings