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Best movie exercise

Learn English from great movie with tons of game

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Chasing Mavericks
High Intermediate
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Movie Scenes
High Intermediate
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Going the Distance
High Intermediate
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Movie Scenes
image exercise
icon exercise

Learning by playing

Transcript writing and speaking games are available in every video. There are 7 available games in video exercise mode. Learning English has never been that interesting.

Most Popular Courses

The community's most watched courses

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How I met your mother

TV Series How I met your mother

Low Advanced
TV Series
9 units / 204 videos
The Alphabet

Learn Alphabet and songs for beginners and kids

English skills
3 units / 35 videos
English for IT - Intermediate

English for IT - Intermediate features engaging video lessons about the IT vocabulary, Website, The internet, e-commerce, and How computers work It also provides an overview of IT in the future and operation of some big IT companies in the world.

High Intermediate
Science & Technology
9 units / 46 videos

Word Store

The community's most viewed word lists

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This is the list of high frequency words in young children's writing and reading development. You will need all of them for daily English conversations. It's best for Beginners. Study it from pack 1 to the end as all the words are arranged in decreasing order of frequency.

548 words / 25 topics

This list contains 280 most common words and phrases used while traveling. Don't skip them if you are planning to travel abroad next month.

286 words / 17 topics

This is the list of 630 English words related to jobs and working experiences. Therefore, it is useful for those who plan to take a job interview.

630 words / 25 topics

These are the 3000 most common English words used in daily English conversations. If your target is English intermediate level, this list is a must-have for you. Start learning from the most commonly used words as they are arranged in decreasing order of frequency.

3005 words / 151 topics