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Chasing Mavericks
High Intermediate
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Movie Scenes
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Going the Distance
High Intermediate
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Movie Scenes
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Transcript writing and speaking games are available in every video. There are 7 available games in video exercise mode. Learning English has never been that interesting.

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This course is for students aiming at a score of 4 to 5 in IELTS Listening, which is equivalent to B1 level (CEFR). In this course, you will listen to daily conversations of familiar topics like work or leisure, try to follow main points of explanations, expressions, and arguments, and familiarize yourself with the formal or factual language of news and lectures.

Test preparation
16 units / 32 videos
English for IELTS preparation

This video course will provide you the best videos by topic to help you prepare for the IELTS examination. There are 27 units covering various IELTS topics .

Low Advanced
Test preparation
27 units / 217 videos
200h English Communication - Higher Beginner

Can you talk about your hobbies for more than one minute? Can you tell a foreigner how to get to the post office nearby? If you are not sure, this course is for you! Get to know essential words and phrases for communication use and learn how to give directions, share about your love for sports and hold daily conversations with your colleagues in no time.

High Beginner
English skills
20 units / 203 videos

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505 Phrase List is a listing of the most common multiword expressions in English of a certain type, intended to be used as a complement to existing lists and instruments of second language instruction that use them. The list was created by Ron Martinzez and Norbert Schmitt using the 100 million word British National Corpus. The list is divided into 10 groups which are introduced in word frequency order. We hope that you find the list useful.

503 words / 10 topics

This 600 Essential IELTS Word list is based on Barron's Essential Words for the IELTS. The list is organized in several IELTS's common topics. It's especially useful for IELTS test takers.

600 words / 30 topics

The PHaVE List is a listing of the most common meaning senses of the most common phrasal verbs in English, intended to be seen as a complement to previous phrasal verb frequency lists. It was designed to be used as a reference source for practitioners and as a learning guide for learners of English. The list is divided into 4 groups in which all of the phrasal verbs are introduced in word frequency order. The list was created by Melodie Garnier from University of Nottingham, UK.

287 words / 4 topics

This list contains 280 most common words and phrases used while traveling. Don't skip them if you are planning to travel abroad next month.

286 words / 17 topics