How to add new words to the word book

A vocabulary storage system is a helpful tool that allows you to organize and memorize vocabulary in a scientific way. This article lists several situations where you can look up and save words on the eJOY app 2:

  • While watching videos
  • While reading news
  • While taking a course
  • While playing games, chatting with AI, or reviewing your vocabulary notebook

1. Add new words while learning through video

  • In the video, click on the word you want to translate in the subtitles. Then click on the Add button to add the word to your vocabulary notebook.

Note: You can change the notebook you want to save the word to or create a new notebook.

2. Add new words when reading news

Step 1: Go to the Material screen (1) -> Select the Read section (2)

Step 2: In an article, tap on the word you want to look up the meaning of, then click Save.

3. Add new words when learning through a course

Step 1: On the Course screen, choose a course that is right for you

Step 2: Choose a Unit in the course, each Unit will have different lessons. To learn vocabulary, choose the lessons with the name Vocabulary

Step 3: Before the lesson starts, there will be a vocabulary introduction section. Here, there are 2 ways to add vocabulary to your notebook

   Method 1: Select the plus sign icon if you want to add each word you want to the                 vocabulary notebook

   Method 2: Select the Add All button in the upper right corner of the screen if you want to add all the vocabulary in the lesson to your vocabulary notebook

4. Other places where you can look up and save words

  • When reviewing your vocabulary notebook, if you don't understand a word, you can tap on it to look up its definition, examples, and context.
  • When chatting with AI, you can look up words in the AI's response.
  • When playing a vocabulary review game, you can also look up any words you don't understand.

If you need further assistance, you can contact us via email: [email protected]

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